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Tallulah's Top Tips

Tallulah’s Top Tips for the week #4

By 19th July 2018May 24th, 2022No Comments

1. Want to contact a colleague on Skype for Business but they’re unavailable? Set up this alert so you know when their status changes: Right click on your contact in your contact list > Select Tag for status change alerts. A second tip…un-select this option once you’ve finished or you’ll receive alerts every time that person’s status changes.

2. Sometimes to get stuff done we must inject a ‘WIIFM’ (what’s in it for me?) into the task. That means attaching emotion to the task. Overwhelmed by that presentation you must do? Think how triumphant you’ll feel at the end of it! That time-consuming tax-return? What a relief it will be when it’s done! It is a simple trick that gives you the boost to power through!

3. In OneNote you can dock your notes pane on the right side of the screen whilst viewing other applications. So, you can write notes and work on other stuff. Click View Ribbon > Select Dock to Desktop icon.

4. Did you know after 24 hours of learning something you’ll have forgotten 70-80% of it? It’s known as the Ebbinghaus Effect – named after Hermann Ebbinghaus, a psychologist whose research discovered this fact. Ways to help you remember stuff is to keep it bite-sized, associate the facts to something you already know, make a jingle up about it, and review, review, review…

5. Did you know you can add a Planner tab to Microsoft Teams? In a Teams channel > along the top add a tab (+ symbol) > select Planner, then either: 1) click Create a new plan and type a name for the new Planner board or 2) click Use an existing plan and select an existing Planner board from the menu.

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