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Tallulah's Top Tips

Tallulah’s Top Tips for the week #5

By 26th July 2018May 24th, 2022No Comments

1. Did you know you can set your status as available, busy or away from your command bar in Microsoft Teams? Go to your command bar at the top of your Teams screen where it says, ‘Search for or type a Command’. Type: /available or /busy or /away to set your status. A quick and easy way to keep colleagues up to date!

2. Harvard Business Review has found that the most productive meetings have fewer than 8 people. Include people who have: the most knowledge, will do most of the work that needs doing, will be most impacted, or might learn from participating.

3. In OneNote you can extract text from a picture. Right click on the picture, select ‘Copy text from Picture’, the text is recognised and copied to your clipboard, then click ‘Paste’ anywhere you like.

4. In Skype for Business, to send a message to a group of people in IM or to start a conference call to a group of people, hold the CTRL key on your keyboard whilst clicking your contacts and this will enable you to select multiple contacts within your contact list.

5. Research by change management experts Prosci found that while people like to hear about change from executives they seek permission to change from their line manager. So, make sure line managers know what change is happening and give them the ‘action’ messages that they need to tell their team.

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