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Tallulah's Top Tips

Tallulah’s Top Tips for the week #18

By 25th October 2018August 3rd, 2022No Comments

Tallulah's top tips on Microsoft 365

1. The key to effective workplace training is practice. To really learn new digital skills, put employees on digital projects alongside more experienced colleagues, who can help them to learn by doing. Classroom training provides support in learning, but the ‘doing’ does the embedding.

2. Connection helps us to function well in our working world. Talk to someone instead of emailing, speak to someone new at work, and put time aside to find out how someone really is.

3. Learning enhances our self-esteem and encourages us to have a more social and active life. It is also strongly associated with higher levels of well-being. Learning a new skill makes us happier; that’s well worth remembering next time we resist a training session on new technology!

4. Need some motivation to learn how to use the new technology you’ve been given at work? Put aside time to learn and be strict about protecting it; set yourself a goal; make yourself accountable; and, share what you’ve learnt.

5. Managers think they’re good at coaching, but they’re not. They’re often just telling, and this behaviour is reinforced by their peers. It doesn’t motivate, engage or help their employees to grow. That’s why you need trained coaches to help employees, to unlock their potential, so they perform.

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