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Tallulah's Top Tips

Tallulah’s Top Tips for the week #20

By 8th November 2018August 3rd, 2022No Comments
Tallulah's top tips on Microsoft 365

1. Don’t fall victim to the extreme busyness epidemic. Think, with whatever you do, what will have the most impact? Have a read of this great article: The power of doing nothing at all…

2. The belief that the amount of practice you do is the best way to learn, has been dispelled. Rather deliberate practice is the most effective way to learn. Meaning, practice should be focused, consistent, goal-orientated training. So, quality not quantity!

3. The messenger is often more important than the message itself. We tend to trust people who look and sound like us and share our values, which is why only 12% of employees trust the information given to them by a CEO. That’s why a champions’ network is critical to the success of a technology transformation programme, as it’s made up of employees who will help their peers.

4. To build a coaching culture in your company you need to start at the top, involve line managers, make a clear business case, and make it ‘the way you do things around here’. Find out how.

5. Did you know you can add a Planner tab to a Microsoft Teams channel to capture and assign tasks? And, if you’ve tasks assigned to you across multiple channels, your Planner app gives you a single snapshot in ‘My Tasks’. Even better the Planner syncs with your Outlook calendar so you know when tasks are due.

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