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Tallulah's Top Tips

Tallulah’s Top Tips for the week #22

By 22nd November 2018January 21st, 2021No Comments

1. If you have Microsoft Office 365 and store your documents on OneDrive and SharePoint, they will now AutoSave. Meaning your documents will be automatically saved every few seconds.

2. Microsoft Office 365 and LinkedIn are now connected. So, in an Outlook Calendar Meeting Invite you can learn more about an attendee as some of their LinkedIn profile will show in the invite. It’s a real conversation ice-breaker! Find out more.

3. When developing personas think beyond the attributes of the job role and consider personal factors such as personality type, generation categorisation and personal work preferences. Take a read of ‘Five faces of today’s employees’.

4. Leaders hold the key to unlocking employee engagement, but to do so they must be mindful, selfless and compassionate. A good find by researchers Rasmus Hougaard and Jacqueline Carter.

5. 9 out of 10 L&D professionals believe that live online learning is the number one global learning technology. Thanks @YourLPI

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