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1. You can now record your meetings in Microsoft Teams, so people who miss out can playback the recorded content anytime. To save time you can pull up the transcript and search keywords according to what you want to hear about.

2. If you use Microsoft MyAnalytics and Skype for Business, you can analyse your call and chat activity to better understand how you spend your time at work.

3. In a technology transformation programme, project management and change management should never be treated as two different teams – or even functions – but, as one. After all, they have the same end-goal: to achieve a new way of working.

4.You can make meetings more effective by tapping into the ‘4 C’s’ model – Connect, Compassion, Curiosity and Control – which is based on neuroscience. Find out how.

5. 86% of organisations said they will be using virtual classrooms for employee learning by 2019, and 40% of L&D professionals believe virtual classrooms will have the greatest impact on the L&D profession by 2020 (@CIPD).

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