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Tallulah's Top Tips

Tallulah’s Top Tips for the week #24

By 6th December 2018No Comments

1. Want to send an animated GIF in a message or channel conversation in Microsoft Teams? Click the GIF icon beneath the compose box then use the search bar to find an image you want. Try searching ‘thumbs up’!.

2. Are you making the most of your command bar in Microsoft Teams to help optimise your productivity? Watch this short video which tells you how to take quick actions, do searches and launch apps.

3. Do you struggle to keep virtual meetings on track? Here’s six helpful tips to make them more efficient.

4. Five ways to avoid digital transformation disasters – talk to the people affected and listen to them; examine the ‘As Is’ process; get everyone involved; check the project’s pulse; and, be prepared for the long-term. Good advice i-Realise!

5. The World Economic Forum has found that $1.2 trillion will be spent by companies worldwide on their digital transformation efforts in 2018, but only 1% of these efforts will achieve or exceed expectations.

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