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Tallulah's Top Tips

Tallulah’s Top Tips for the week #26

By 20th December 2018No Comments

1. Did you know in Microsoft Teams you can take private notes in the new Wiki app? Makes it much easier to keep all your notes in one place and nicely filed! Find out how to use the private notes Wiki app.

2. You now have greater control over who attends your meetings in your Microsoft Office 365 Outlook Calendar. If you’re organising the meeting you can choose whether to allow attendees to forward the meeting invite to other people.

3. 85% of workers experience conflict, but studies have found that it is the organisational structure creating the conflict between departments not individual personalities. IT transformation programmes are made up of multiple departments, so don’t fall victim to conflict by reading these helpful pointers.

4. Almost 50% of workers cite technology issues as the top reason for their lack of productivity; and, workers estimate they lose 10 minutes per hour during their working day due to a lack of effective technology. Ouch! It’s time to transform workplace technology. Thanks for these findings, Deloitte.

5. You can create an organisation-wide team in Microsoft Teams. Now, that’s what you call collaborative working! Read how you set up the channel.

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