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Tallulah's Top Tips

Tallulah’s Top Tips for the week #29

By 17th January 2019No Comments

1. Avoid duplication when setting up a team channel in Microsoft Teams. Check that there’s no other team with a similar name or doing a similar thing. The software doesn’t check for duplication, so you need to manually check.

2. Make change happen by: 1) Looking through a fresh lens 2) Stepping back to gain perspective 3) Looking for unexpected combinations 4) Experimenting efficiently 5) Anticipating hostile environments.

3. Think about naming conventions when setting up team channels in Teams, especially if you’re going down the self-service route and letting people set them up themselves. Remember the O365 Admin Centre lets you block certain words!

4. Technology transformation means learning new skills. One skill we will need to have is creativity. So, training should focus on making us innovative and analytical; and, help us to solve problems and apply new ways of thinking.

5. When you set up a new team channel in Teams, you’re also setting up a new Group. So, if you already own a Group, you’ll need to connect the team channel to the existing group. Otherwise, you’ll have two Groups named the same with two different IDs.

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