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Tallulah's Top Tips

Tallulah’s Top Tips for the week #30

By 24th January 2019No Comments

1. Over planning can be over whelming, so if you’re just getting started in Microsoft Teams don’t over plan your channel. Keep it simple with a conversation, files, and OneNote tab for collaborative working. Then let the channel naturally evolve…

2. Did you know there’s no spellcheck in Teams? It underlines the words in red that are spelt incorrectly.

3. Are you a Teams user and want to better manage the conversations you’re having? Then add a subject title, so it’s easier to search for conversations based on a topic.

4. Want to avoid getting distracted by all the conversations going on in Teams? Then star the channels that are relevant to you as your favourites. When these channels have a new conversation in them, they will be highlighted in bold.

5. File sharing in Microsoft Teams and SharePoint is linked – what you see in Teams Files is what you see in SharePoint. For quicker interaction between the two apps, copy your Teams channel URL and add it to the Quick Launch links in SharePoint.

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