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Tallulah's Top Tips

Tallulah’s Top Tips for the week #40

By 4th April 2019No Comments
  1. Microsoft has a new Office app for Windows 10 users. It’s a hub for launching recent documents and accessing Office desktop apps. But, it also includes tutorials and tips.
  2. Sometimes the oldies are the goodies! Microsoft has just released its original Windows File Manager as the Universal Windows Platform app. It’s available to devices running Windows 10. 
  3. PAs are highly influential in the change process. They have structural power, help the executives to do their daily tasks and are central in the executive’s peer network. They have the ears and trust of the decision-makers and can spread the word!
  4. Did you know that knowledge workers spend just five minutes a day on formal learning? That’s why learning must fit in around your working day and not be treated as a destination!
  5. Listening is the missing half of communication How true! When going through a technology change, listen to your employees’ views. It will help the transformation to be a success.

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