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Tallulah's Top Tips

Tallulah’s Top Tips for the week #47

By 23rd May 2019November 11th, 2020No Comments
  1. Did you know the files you add to a Microsoft Teams private chat are stored in OneDrive with all people in that chat being given automatic permission to access them?
  2. Microsoft has launched an updated ‘My Office App’ for Windows 10. Showcasing some new-look app icons, it also presents recommended and recently worked on documents.
  3. Using Yammer? You can add a Yammer tab to your Microsoft Teams channel that loads a specific group or topic feed from Yammer. Meaning you can follow and share conversations in Yammer without leaving Teams.
  4. Not buzzing about work or a project you’re on? Then design yourself some step-by-step end-goals, rather than setting yourself chores.
  5. You can use a Microsoft Flow template to automatically save Outlook email attachments to your OneDrive.

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