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Tallulah's Top Tips

Tallulah’s Top Tips for the week #62

By 5th September 2019January 21st, 2021No Comments

This week, our top tips are all about giving some your meetings some welly. It can be great to have (virtual) face time with colleagues though your meetings need to have more purpose than that!

Make meetings meaningful – and think about how technology can help you too.

  1. Make transcripts of your meetings in Microsoft Teams. Open the recording in Stream > Edit > Video Language. Under Options select ‘Autogenerate a caption file’. Click ‘Apply’. Next time you open the meeting, you’ll see the transcript. You can also edit transcripts.
  2. It’s really easy to lose track of how many windows we have open on our computers. When you’re sharing your screen in a meeting, choose only the specific window instead of your entire screen your desktop screen and notifications aren’t shared when sharing your content in the meeting.
  3. You need to give your meetings purpose and structure if they’re going to be more than a talking shop. Here are some ideas for agendas that work.
  4. When you hold your meeting how you capture and share agreed actions could be key to them getting done. Here’s some ideas for putting direction into the agreed actions.
  5. Have your tried the new whiteboard function in Microsoft Teams Rooms? Now even remote attendees can clearly see any physical whiteboard. Be sure to watch the demo, it’s clever stuff! And don’t forget, Mark covered this, and more, in his August Microsoft Monthly. Make sure you check out our monthly updates.

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