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Tallulah's Top Tips

Tallulah’s Top Tips for the week #63

By 13th September 2019January 8th, 2020No Comments

What stimulates your creativity, gives you professional insight or helps give you a rounded view of life? We asked our team to share some of the podcasts they listen to for industry updates or just for fun (and that sweet spot in the middle).

We can only pick five although there were many (many!) to choose from. Is there anyone without a SoundCloud these days..?

  1. Why not start with an award-winning podcast that helps you understand science and develop a critical view of information? The very stimulating ‘Skeptics Guide‘ is recommended by Tom, our web and graphics guru.
  2. Our next podcast tip is all about numbers. We often use stats, averages and percentages in feedback and reports though so often people just don’t understand the basics. Our director, Emma Henry, listens to BBC Radio 4’s More or Less podcast. It helps you understand your mean from your median and your mode.
  3. Looking for a podcast recommendation for useful tech updates? ‘Out Loud’ from UC Today is particularly good for Microsoft and product developments. And, blimey, there’s a lot of development going on. This is one of our trainer and tech maestro, Mark Thompson, regular tech listens (and don’t forget, you can catch Mark’s monthly Microsoft updates as another way to stay ahead.
  4. Emma Gannon‘s podcast ‘Ctrl Alt Delete’ on people’s relationship with the internet entertains, Hels, who’s part of our brilliant graphic design team. Enabler, supporter, educator, connector, leveller, destroyer, propogandist – or just cat videos? What’s the internet for you?
  5. Our last podcast recommendation is the uplifting ‘The One You Feed’ to encourage us to challenge self-criticism and negative patterns of behaviour. We all need balance and opportunities for positive reflection can improve our life professionally and personally. This is the choice for one of our engagement leads, John Hagerty.

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