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Tallulah's Top Tips

Tallulah’s Top Tips for the week #64

By 19th September 2019November 9th, 2020No Comments

This week, our top tips are about everyday tools to improve user access and comfort. Technology has improved accessibility of work and information for many people whose experience might otherwise have been limited. There’s still work to be done and no one solution can work for everyone though.

  1. Have you tried Microsoft’s Dictate function? We find it most useful in Onenote and Word. Even if you just want to take a break from typing, it’s handy and we love that it works for UK and US English. Bear in mind that you may need Learning Tools installed to make it work
  2. In Microsoft Teams you can easily alter font size in the screen using
    <Ctrl+> and <Ctrl-> to zoom in or zoom out. It’s an extra tool along with the Ctrl and mouse scroll.
  3. What started as an educator tool for dyslexia and dysgraphia students, all users can explore how the immersive reader could help them. In OneNote find it in <View> and in Teams find it from the three dots over a message. Again you might need Learning Tools installed to make it work.
  4. Have you tried Microsoft’s Accessibility Checker? It’s fab! It checks documents, PowerPoints, emails etc. for accessibility. It finds errors, takes you to them and tells you why it’s a problem – and how to fix it. It helps general accessibility and specific accessibility e.g. for people using screen readers. You can find it on the Review tab.
  5. Did you know Microsoft runs a dedicated disability answer desk? If you want help for yourself or want to learn how to make your work more inclusive, why not start here

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