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Tallulah's Top Tips

Tallulah’s Top Tips for the week #68

By 20th October 2019November 11th, 2020No Comments

A mixed bag of tips for you this week:

  1. Work can be a strain so make changes where you can. Microsoft Teams has a dark mode option on its mobile app. Great for low light environments, may reduce eye strain and saves battery. Go to <Settings> and choose <Dark theme>
  2. Flexible working isn’t just for working parents but the Fawcett Society useful research shows ‘flexappeal’ is key to mums and dads – and that it needs managing properly to benefit all.
  3. Stop switching between windows. You can @ mention someone in Microsoft Teams search and command box then type your chat directly there without leaving the window you’re in
  4. In Teams activity section you can filter by when you were mentioned – just click the filter symbol and choose mentions.   
  5. If someone’s @ metioned you in Microsoft Teams and you’ve gone to a new screen, go back to your last place using just your back button in Teams. It makes it easy to switch between screens without losing your train of thought.

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