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EmbedAI: Change management for AI

Make AI change happen

AI is here, it’s happening now – but it’s only as effective as your AI adoption strategy. Without a people-focused plan, AI is simply power without purpose.

At the Inform Team, we can equip your people with the tools, skills and behaviours to embrace AI and thrive. We’ll support you to create a positive culture of curiosity to drive AI adoption and engagement, and upskill your workforce to create value with AI every day.

Our experienced squad of technology change managers combine power with purpose to unlock the benefits of AI for your people.

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Photograph of a ticket against a green circuit board background. The ticket reads "your ticket to AI adoption. One way, first class.

AI and Copilot adoption service

 Deliver your AI strategy

From developing an AI strategy and building your bespoke Copilot training programme, to creative communications campaigns and cultivating a collaborative culture – our team can tackle every aspect of your AI adoption programme.

With our five areas of expertise, our AI support squad can support you every step of the way.

A change manager leading an AI strategy meeting
Strategy + change

Change management for AI

The secret to successful AI adoption is a change management programme that engages, equips and empowers your team to use AI effectively.

Our strategy + change experts use a people-first methodology to create a smooth transition to AI, and optimise adoption across your organisation.

An Inform trainer, Lorna, plans a Copilot training course
Learning + skills

AI and Copilot training

Working with AI requires a whole new approach to digital skills to build understanding of these new productivity tools.

From AI essentials to targeted Copilot courses and critical soft skills training, our learning + skills specialists will work with you to identify skill gaps and develop a tailored AI training programme for your workforce.

A close up of a notebook with comms plan mindmap
Campaigns + content

AI and employee engagement

Our campaigns + content expertise gets everyone on the same page, creating excitement, enhancing engagement and busting myths and misconceptions about AI.

With our dedicated team of creative communicators and graphic designers, we’ll plan and execute a powerful AI communications strategy for your people.

Two colleagues laughing together
Culture + behaviours

AI leadership and culture

Introducing AI into your organisation is a massive cultural change. Success requires insight, empathy, and a leadership approach that resonates with your people.

Our culture + behaviours specialists work one-on-one with leaders to enhance your company culture as you adopt AI for good.

Three colleagues gathered around a laptop
Engagement + connections

Connecting AI for large organisations

To adopt AI across very large, complex organisations, you need someone to join the dots, connecting projects and people.

Our engagement + connections specialists build relationships across large, multi-site organisations to coordinate and accelerate change.

AI adoption isn’t a one-size fits all strategy. Start your journey to AI optimisation with Inform.

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Embracing AI starts with people. Get AI ready with The Inform Team.

Your 3 stage guide to AI adoption

No matter where you are in your AI adoption journey, The Inform Team can help. As your AI support squad, we’ll equip you with the tools to establish, excite and embed AI in your organisation by putting people first. From exploring use cases to creating a strategy and delivering training, we’re with you every step of the way.

A senior leader looking through binoculars, horizon scanning for AI opportunity. In the background, abstract AI connectors are lighting up

ExciteAI: Explore what's possible for your people

Our AI workshops help leaders explore the possibilities of AI technologies. Uncover inspiration, assess AI risks and rewards, and develop a vision for how AI can work for you.

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EstablishAI: Develop your AI roadmap

We’ll help you demonstrate the value of AI tools through tailored use cases and bespoke personas, then work together to develop a plan of action to deliver AI benefits for your people.

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EmbedAI: Make AI change happen

Unlock the power of AI for your people with Inform’s adoption and change management expertise. We’ll deliver people-focused change and embed the tools, skills and behaviours you need to embrace AI.

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Make AI work for your people

Are you ready to meet your AI support squad? Get in touch with our friendly team to start planning your change programme for AI success.