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EmbedAI: Change management for AI

Make AI change happen

AI is here. It’s happening now – but to implement AI successfully across an organisation, you need to do more than provide the technology.

Without a change management plan for your people, AI is simply power without purpose. At the Inform Team, our expert change managers will help you embed AI firmly within your processes and culture, equipping your people with the understanding and support they need to thrive with AI.

Our experienced AI support squad combine power with purpose to unlock the benefits of AI for the long haul.

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AI and Copilot adoption service

Embed AI for the future of work

From developing an AI strategy and building your bespoke Copilot training programme, to creative communications campaigns and cultivating a collaborative culture – our team can tackle every aspect of your AI adoption programme.

With our five areas of expertise, our AI support squad can support you every step of the way.

Change management for AI

The secret to successful AI adoption is a change management programme that empowers your team to use AI effectively.

From developing a winning AI strategy to overcoming resistance, our expert change managers are on hand to support you throughout your journey.

We use our people-first methodology to create a smooth transition to AI, and optimise adoption across your organisation.

AI adoption measurement and review

How do you know if your team is using Copilot to its full potential? Our digital maturity assessment gives you data-driven insight.

Benchmark progress at key project milestones and get the full picture of how your people are using AI throughout the programme.

At the end of your change programme, our AI adoption review will help you demonstrate return on investment and provide actionable insights for future development.

Make AI evergreen

AI is much more than a flash-in-the-pan work trend.

But to make it last as a sustainable way of working, you’ve got to make AI evergreen.

We can help you integrate AI adoption into your employee onboarding, deliver ongoing training to build your skillset as technology evolves, and help you stay up to date with new Copilot features and functionality with our Evergreen briefings.

Change management for AI and Copilot

Your AI support squad to make change happen

Wherever you are on your AI journey, you need a squad. A team of expert individuals, working together to embed lasting change. Our complete change management service ensures effective AI adoption and delivers change that sticks. We do this through our five areas of expertise:

Deeps and Kirsty from The Inform Team at work during a group strategy session. Deeps is holding a pen in front of a wall of post-its. Kirsty is listening to someone out of shot.

Strategy + change

Our expert change managers will help you create an AI strategy, and manage delivery to put your people first.


Learning + skills

Our skills specialists will work with you to identify skills gaps and develop an effective AI training programme for your workforce.


Campaigns + content

Our creative communicators and graphic designers will plan and execute a powerful AI communications strategy to engage your people.


Culture + behaviours

Our culture change specialists work one-on-one with leaders to enhance your company culture as you adopt AI for good.


Engagement + connections

Our engagement team build relationships across large, multi-site organisations to coordinate and accelerate AI adoption

Your 4-stage guide to AI adoption

Our 4E’s approach to embracing AI at work

Embracing AI is all about change, and we know change. It starts with people. At Inform, we use our unique 4E’s methodology to manage successful technology change and maximise user adoption. Whether you’re looking to build an AI strategy, upskill your team with Copilot training, or develop an employee awareness campaign for new AI policies, we’re here to help. Use our 4E’s roadmap below to navigate your AI adoption journey and choose the support that’s right for you.

Establish AI strategy service


Build the foundations and develop your AI strategy

Excite AI engagement services


Drive awareness and enthusiasm for AI technology

AI and Copilot training services


Upskill your people with AI and Copilot training

Change management for AI services


Change that sticks, for long term success with AI

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Start planning your AI change management programme

Are you ready to meet your AI support squad? Get in touch with our friendly team to start planning your change programme for AI success.

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