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EquipAI: AI and Copilot training

Skills support to help your people thrive with AI

Microsoft Copilot and other generative AI tools have changed what’s possible for your people every day. Harness the power of possibility by equipping your workforce with the skills to work with AI.

From basic AI concepts to advanced Copilot prompts, our expert training consultants will develop a targeted programme to suit different roles, goals, and training needs. We’ll work with you to identify skills gaps and deliver an engaging Copilot training programme that works for your team.

Together, we’ll empower your people and help your organisation thrive with AI.

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Copilot for Microsoft 365 training and staff development

Get more from Microsoft Copilot

Our flexible range of Microsoft Copilot training courses allows you to build a programme tailored to your needs. We offer AI and Copilot training at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, alongside the essential soft skills to use AI tools safely, securely and with purpose.

Introduction to Generative AI

Discover the key concepts that power AI technologies with this engaging introduction to generative AI. From GPTs to LLMs, we’ll demystify AI terminology, explore popular tools, and build understanding of the capabilities, opportunities and risks of generative AI technology.

Introduction to Copilot for M365

Get started with Copilot for Microsoft 365 with our quick start course. For your team members just starting out with a Copilot licence, or those in need of support and inspiration, our training covers key concepts and practical tips to start working smarter with Copilot for Microsoft 365.

Introduction to Copilot online

Unlock the power of Copilot for your people without the sting of the licence fees. Our training empowers users to create effective prompts with the free online version of Copilot. We’ll cover safety, security and governance, features and use cases, and best practices for quality results.

Copilot training for productivity

Save time and achieve more with Copilot in Outlook and Copilot in Teams. Our Copilot training for productivity focuses on practical use cases for managing email, meetings, and chats. We’ll teach your people to tame notifications, streamline their workflow, and find information fast.

Copilot training for M365 apps

Introductory, intermediate and advanced training courses for Copilot within individual Microsoft 365 apps. Turn data into insight with Excel, power up your PowerPoint prompts, and discover quick wins with Copilot in Word. We also cover the hidden gems of M365, including Copilot in OneNote and Copilot for Forms.

Soft skills training for AI

On average, Copilot users save 1.2 hours per week. But are there other savings to be made? At Inform, we don’t just teach the technology, we look at the whole picture, building soft skills in communication, collaboration and smarter meetings to create more effective ways of working for everyone on your team.

AI training and upskilling services

Full service support to develop your AI-powered team

The Inform Team are expert training providers, specialising in end-user training for successful technology adoption programmes. We make complex AI concepts relevant and accessible so that your people can get value from AI every day.

Our support goes beyond training delivery, we can also help with skills strategy, measurement, and employee engagement.

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Training needs analysis for AI

Create an AI skills strategy that puts your people first. We’ll uncover data-driven insight into your skills gaps and training priorities and develop a plan to support your users as your roll out AI across your workforce.

Flexible, accessible AI skills development

Our experienced training team are skilled in creating accessible, inclusive learning experiences to suit all levels and learning styles.

We offer flexible training options, including virtual, remote and classroom learning.

Bespoke learning and engagement materials

Our in-house creative agency can support your AI training programme with engaging video tutorials and quick reference guides that align with your brand, processes and people.

We also create employee engagement campaigns, ensuring everyone has the chance to build their AI skillset.

Your 4-stage guide to AI adoption

Our 4E’s approach to embracing AI at work

Effective training is just one part of your AI success story. Whether you’re looking to build an AI strategy, develop an employee engagement campaign, or measure the success of your programme, we’re here to support you at every stage of your journey.

At Inform, we use our unique 4E’s methodology to manage successful technology change and maximise user adoption.

Establish AI strategy service


Build the foundations and develop your AI strategy

Excite AI engagement services


Drive awareness and enthusiasm for AI technology

AI and Copilot training services


Upskill your people with AI and Copilot training

Change management for AI services


Change that sticks, for long term success with AI

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Equip your people with the skills to thrive with AI and Copilot. Get in touch with our AI support squad start planning your AI training programme.

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