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EstablishAI: AI strategy and discovery services

Build a winning AI strategy

AI technologies have the potential to transform the way we work. But without people-focused change, AI is simply power without purpose. You need an AI strategy to reap the rewards.

Our AI strategy and discovery services can help you identify the value of AI and shape a clear direction for your people.

The Inform Team’s AI support squad combines expertise in strategy, culture and technology change to target effective AI use cases and develop an adoption plan for your people. Together, we’ll create a comprehensive strategy to deliver the benefits of AI for your organisation.

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Develop your AI strategy

Define and discover your approach to AI adoption

The first step of any digital change programme is a detailed discovery. With our expertise, you’ll come away with the full picture of how AI can add value for your people, and get an actionable roadmap to start using AI with purpose.

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Targeted AI use cases

Explore generative AI use cases that align with your vision and goals, and discover new ones relevant to your user personas.

We’ll show you the value AI can bring to your people, with evidence-based use cases to build confidence in your technology investment.

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AI user personas

We use personas to capture a snapshot of different groups across your team, capturing the opportunities, challenges and value AI tools can bring for them.

Identify your early adopters, lead with empathy and insight, and channel quick wins to help your people feel the benefits of AI.

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Governance and responsible AI

Effective AI governance is a key success factor for organisations seeking true value from AI.

We bring technical, delivery, and change capabilities together to establish a working model for AI governance and develop constructive guardrails for innovation with AI.

AI culture assessment

Your organisation’s culture can be your strongest asset or your biggest risk – it all depends on how you nurture it.

Our assessment pinpoints the unique cultural, emotional and operational dynamics that could affect AI adoption, and provides recommendations to smooth the road ahead.

Copilot maturity assessment

If your organisation has already invested in Copilot for Microsoft 365, our digital maturity assessment can highlight how it’s being used – or underused – across your team.

We’ll dive into your M365 data and show you exactly where you are on your journey to digital maturity and AI adoption.

The output of an Inform discovery is a detailed AI strategy document, outlining the next steps to achieve your goal.

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Your 4-stage guide to AI adoption

Our 4E’s approach to embracing AI at work

Embracing AI is all about change, and we know change. It starts with people. At Inform, we use our unique 4E’s methodology to manage successful technology change and maximise user adoption. Establishing an AI strategy is your first step, building the foundations for change.

Establish AI strategy service


Build the foundations and develop your AI strategy

Excite AI engagement services


Drive awareness and enthusiasm for AI technology

AI and Copilot training services


Upskill your people with AI and Copilot training

Change management for AI services


Change that sticks, for long term success with AI

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Start planning your AI strategy

Embracing AI is just about change, and we know change. It starts with your people. We’re already equipping clients with the relevant skills and behaviours to help their people thrive with AI.

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