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EstablishAI: AI value, vision and strategy

Establish your AI roadmap

The pressure to start using AI is building for almost every organisation.

Our AI strategy and proof of value service can help you cut through the noise and shape a clear direction for your people.

With our laser focus on value, we’ll help you build a comprehensive picture of the benefits, challenges and opportunities AI could create for your organisation.

Our AI support squad combine expertise in strategy, culture and technology to outline targeted AI use cases for your organisation, and develop a plan of action to deliver AI benefits to your people.

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AI use cases and proof of value

Define your value-driven roadmap for AI

The first step of any digital change programme is a detailed discovery. With our expertise, you’ll come away with the full picture of how AI can add value for your people, and get an actionable roadmap to start using AI with purpose.

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AI vision and context

In this phase, we’ll work with you to define your overall vision for AI.

Together, we’ll develop measureable goals for AI adoption to help you define success and establish a value-driven approach to adoption.

Uncover your “why” for AI.

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Persona discovery

We use personas to capture a snapshot of different groups across your team, capturing the opportunities, challenges and value AI tools can bring for them.

Identify your early adopters, lead with empathy and insight, and channel quick wins to help your people feel the benefits of AI.

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Your AI use cases

Explore generative AI use cases that align with your vision and goals, and discover new ones relevant to your user personas.

We’ll show you the value AI can bring to your people, with evidence-based use cases to build confidence in your technology investment.

Four post-its in a line on a table. They say vision, goals, strategy and roadmap.

Your AI roadmap

You’ve identified your personas, you’ve selected your use cases, and you understand the value of AI within your organisation. It’s time to make it happen.

We’ll build out your roadmap to value based on your priority use cases and deliver a step-by-step guide for action.

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AI governance review

Effective AI governance is a key success factor for organisations seeking true value from AI. Governance evolves with you on your AI journey, balancing innovation with security to develop constructive guardrails for AI use.

We bring technical, delivery, and change capabilities together to establish a working model for AI governance.

Without a people-focused plan, AI is simply power without purpose. Start building your plan today.

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Embracing AI starts with people

Your 3 stage guide to AI adoption

No matter where you are in your AI adoption journey, The Inform Team can help. As your AI support squad, we’ll equip you with the tools to establish, excite and embed AI in your organisation by putting people first. From exploring use cases to creating a strategy and delivering training, we’re with you every step of the way.

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ExciteAI: Explore what's possible for your people

Our AI workshops help leaders explore the possibilities of AI technologies. Uncover inspiration, assess AI risks and rewards, and develop a vision for how AI can work for you.

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EstablishAI: Develop your AI roadmap

We’ll help you demonstrate the value of AI tools through tailored use cases and bespoke personas, then work together to develop a plan of action to deliver AI benefits for your people.

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EmbedAI: Make AI change happen

Unlock the power of AI for your people with Inform’s adoption and change management expertise. We’ll deliver people-focused change and embed the tools, skills and behaviours you need to embrace AI.

Adopt AI effectively

Uncover the value of AI

Embracing AI is just about change, and we know change. It starts with your people. We’re already equipping clients with the relevant skills and behaviours to help their people thrive with AI.

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