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Case study: Transforming AI perceptions at a leading law firm’s partner conference.

Campaigns + content

We were presented with an exhilarating challenge:

A top-tier global law firm chose our Inform experts to spearhead a pivotal initiative aimed at reshaping perceptions of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within its partnership.

Tasked with designing the event identity and delivering a one-hour AI plenary session, we aimed to revolutionise their prestigious bi-annual partner conference.

The session catered to around 500 partners from across the globe with diverse levels of AI familiarity.

Illustration from AI engagement event, accelerate together - bringing gen AI to life

Blueprint for transformation: setting new standards in AI engagement

The collaboration was driven by three primary objectives:

Stimulate enthusiasm:

Ignite partners’ interest in the transformative potential of AI.

Interactive engagement:

Facilitate a live, interactive AI exercise to provide partners with a hands-on experience.

Creative demonstration:

Display AI’s creative prowess, showcasing its ability to revolutionise conventional processes.

In partnership with the law firm’s project team, we embarked on creating an experience that was not only informative but also engaging and inspirational.

Designing the future: crafting a unique identity for AI in Law

The Inform Team’s Creative Agency played a critical role in crafting a comprehensive event identity that would captivate attendees:

Creative design assets from the event: a t-shirt, flyer and banner designed by the The Inform Team


A unique logo and event identity were developed, reflecting the innovative essence of the session.

Visual elements:

Tailored icons, colour schemes, fonts, and a guide to imagery were designed to harmonise with the law firm’s branding while promoting the event’s unique focus.

Event collateral:

The team produced a range of materials, from animated to static digital content, staging designs, roller banners, and informational postcards, each contributing to the immersive event atmosphere.

Celebrating outcomes and testimonials

The conference emerged as a landmark event, with the AI session being particularly praised for its engaging and insightful presentation. It marked a significant step in altering the firm’s approach to AI, earning accolades for both its educational and inspirational impact.

Feedback highlighted the session as a catalyst for the firm’s ongoing engagement with AI technologies.

“The Inform Team excelled in organising a creative and engaging GenAI session at our event. They advised on the concept, developed a visual identity, and sourced our keynote speaker. Their expertise and engagement were indispensable. They’ve significantly propelled our AI journey forward. Thank you for the outstanding work!”

Success factors

A crowd gathers for the event keynote

Orchestrating an

unforgettable AI encounter

Central to the event was an AI experience designed to demystify AI and emphasise its accessibility and utility. The session leveraged music as a dynamic entry point to explore AI’s capabilities, historical context, and ethical considerations, ultimately portraying AI as an ally rather than something big and scary!

Colleagues listen to a talk

Navigating challenges

with collaboration

Navigating tight deadlines and budget limitations, The Inform Team and the law firm’s project team maintained close partnership, fostering an environment of rapid decision-making and creative problem-solving. This was  crucial in creating and organising the interactive AI demonstration, a key innovative element of the session.

An open road with "let's go" printed on it

Moving beyond


Through strategic insight and creative execution, we transformed a conventional conference into a groundbreaking exploration of AI, setting a new benchmark for industry engagement. This case study underscores the transformative impact of collaboration and innovation in fostering a forward-looking organisational culture.

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