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Celebrating 10 years of The Inform Team

By 15th February 2023October 6th, 2023No Comments
Ten years of Inform: 2013 to 2023

The Inform Team is celebrating its ten-year milestone – happy birthday to us!

Lifelong friends Emma Henry and Samantha Kinstrey launched The Inform Team from their kitchen table in February 2013. And, gosh, how we’ve grown.

Flashback to 2013…

When Sam and Emma first launched Inform, their original vision was to offer a three-tier change management service, supporting customers:

  • Before change – helping to inspire a shared vision for the change initiative
  • During change – helping to instil new skills and knowledge to make sure employees feel ready to deliver in the new world
  • After change – providing live support so new work practices are fully embedded and adopted

The way we describe our approach may be a little different ten years on, but the work we deliver still holds true to this idea.

The Inform Team directors, Samantha Kinstrey and Emma Henry

"People are a huge component of any change programme; in order to realise the anticipated benefits of change, it is imperative that your people are brought along on the journey."

Samantha KinstreyOfficial launch announcement, 9 February 2013

The Inform Team today

Since then, the business has grown to over 91 people. We’ve supported amazing clients from central government departments to blue chip companies and charities. And we continue to grow and evolve our services along with new ways of working.

Here’s to a new decade of making digital transformation succeed by putting people first 🥂

Group photo of the Inform Team. At our ten year milestone, the team has grown to over 90 people.
A group of Inform employees voting on crowd-sourced solutions and ideas.
Close up of 10 years of Inform pin badges
A group work together and share ideas at the Inform Together event
Inform trainer Geoff presenting a creative activity during Inform Together. He holds a drawing of a unicorn.
Inform founders Emma and Sam laughing during their presentation
People give a round of applause at the Inform Together event

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