Inform knows technology change management

We use our proven methodology to transform your working environment. Though changing the way you work can be challenging. Your team needs a technology adoption strategy that puts them first.

People relate better to stories than facts. We make sure those stories are personalised, visually appealing, and have impact. And our method guides you through a journey that is innovative and smart.

We use our trademarked 4E’s to manage change: Establish; Excite; Equip and Embed. See below for how they work together to deliver effective change – improving how your people work and giving you a return on your technology investment.

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Establish. Building the foundations

We listen to people across your organisation as well as the project managers of your technology transformation. By getting to know how your people work currently and how the technology is going to be implemented, we establish a change adoption plan that suits your organisation’s culture and priorities.

A check list for our establish approach in our four E's change management procedure

Excite. Driving awareness

Our energetic marketing communications campaigns bring transformation programmes to life. By giving the project personality and status, as well as connecting it to your organisation’s priorities, we can get people to listen and build excitement and awareness.

A lightbulb for our Excite approach in our four E's change management procedure

Equip. Upskilling your people

Giving your people the knowledge, skills and confidence to take on change is key to success. Our expert trainers are thoughtful and full of energy. And with our in-house video-development and design team, we blend face-to-face, remote and online training with a tailored learning package to support your programme.

Three tools such as a hammer and screw for our Equip approach in our four E's change management procedure

Embed. Making effectiveness BAU

Making new behaviours and processes business as usual will keep your project alive. And with the evergreen opportunities in new technology, there’s never been a better time for ongoing support. To embed your project, we provide onboarding expertise, as well as support around compliance, regulations, policy reviews and more.

The embed stage of our 4E's change management approach works like an anchor.