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You can listen to, and ask questions of, our experienced guests as well as Inform’s in-house experts. Ideal for hot topics like:

  • unlocking workplace and organisational efficiency
  • new ways of moving from adopting technology to exploiting it
  • understand how culture drives your organisation and approach to change

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Introducing governance to Microsoft Teams

Introducing governance to Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams has become the foundation of many businesses’ communication and collaboration frameworks but can easily become chaotic without the right governance policies. Managing an organisation-spanning Microsoft Teams environment is not an easy task due to major governance measures that must be in place to contain sprawl, secure internal data and ensure organisational-wide visibility and efficiency.

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Digital transformation vs IT transformation banner

Why are digital and IT transformations so different and what are the challenges?


In just two years the Covid pandemic has turned business upside down. Home working is now widespread, and customers more likely to engage digitally. It’s brought digitalisation from hype to the new normal.

If organisations are to survive and prosper in this new normal, they need to reimagine strategies and operations to unlock future value through digital technology.

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That was a great webinar … I personally like the concluding statement about bringing in disruptors with fresh perspectives. It so much resonated with me. I’m glad I attended as I now know the difference between Digital Transformation and IT Transformation – Kunle Ologunebi

The importance of business change when deploying technology


You launch new tech and suddenly the whole organisation is streamlined, collaborating and efficient. Employees are ecstatic and change the way they’ve been working for the last twenty years. If only!

Digital adoption is only 20% about technology. The other 80% is people and processes. So why do so many organisations miss out the importance of delivering business change?

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