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Ready to kick start your digital transformation? Our change management and technology webinars are for like-minded leaders who want the latest industry ideas.

Inform webinars are the place for good ideas if you’re carrying out change in the workplace or are looking for insight on how technology can improve how your organisation works.

You can listen to, and ask questions of, our experienced guests as well as Inform’s in-house experts. Ideal for hot topics like:

  • unlocking workplace and organisational efficiency
  • new ways of moving from adopting technology to exploiting it
  • understand how culture drives your organisation and approach to change

Forthcoming webinars

The importance of business change when deploying technology


You launch new tech and suddenly the whole organisation is streamlined, collaborating and efficient. Employees are ecstatic and change the way they’ve been working for the last twenty years. If only!

Digital adoption is only 20% about technology. The other 80% is people and processes. So why do so many organisations miss out the importance of delivering business change?

Date: Thursday, 24 June 2021

Time: 11:00am (London, UK time)

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Artificial intelligence

Join us to find out how your organisation can start using AI to find smarter ways of working with our guest host who has years of working in the industry within many government and public sector organisations.

Date: July TBC

Time: TBC

Why you should adopt Microsoft Teams

Join us as we talk about all things Microsoft Teams. How we use it, how we help others use it and why you should get onboard the Teams train.

Date: September TBC

Time: TBC

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