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Digital transformation and change management webinars

Ready to kick start your digital transformation? Our change management and technology webinars are for like-minded leaders who want the latest industry ideas.

Inform webinars are the place for good ideas if you’re carrying out change in the workplace or are looking for insight on how technology can improve how your organisation works.

You can listen to, and ask questions of, our experienced guests as well as Inform’s in-house experts. Ideal for hot topics like:

  • unlocking workplace and organisational efficiency
  • new ways of moving from adopting technology to exploiting it
  • understand how culture drives your organisation and approach to change

Previous webinars

Unlocking the Future: Navigating Workplaces with Microsoft 365 Copilot


Are you ready to embrace the power of AI in the workplace? Curious about how Microsoft 365 Copilot can transform your productivity and revolutionize your employee experience? Look no further.

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Let's talk... leadership and self empowerment

Let’s talk about leadership and self-empowerment


We’ll have a range of hosts discussing leadership and self-empowerment from the perspectives of culture and technology.

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Woman typing on laptop and looking at title of our webinar called 'Let's talk with Sara Fennah on thriving with Microsoft Viva.

Let’s talk with Sara Fennah on thriving with Microsoft Viva


During this webinar, Geoff Williams, our Microsoft 365 consultant will join Sara in sharing their in-depth knowledge on how Microsoft Viva can benefit any organisation and how it can help increase productivity and collaboration among teams.

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A woman typing on a laptop. Text says Let's talk with Lisa Woodall on digital change in the workplace.

Let’s talk with Lisa Woodall on digital change in the workplace


Lisa Woodall, was Chief Enterprise Architect at Ordnance Survey (OS), while Inform supported OS on a host of change and technology programmes. She now works for a multinational communications and advertising company and continues to champion people’s needs in the digital workplace. Lisa observes that there are great opportunity for organisations to improve the way they work – and it’s not all about technology and transformation; the real secret to success is putting your people first. Lisa has stayed connected with one of our strategy + change leads, Michele Payne. Together they talked about digital transformation.

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Man and woman learning on a laptop representing our webinar on delivering a digital champions programme

Delivering a digital champions programme


An effective digital champions programme can boost business transformation to support some of the challenges organisations face today. Introducing a team of champions from each department will drive Microsoft 365 adoption in an engaging and cost-effective way across your organisation. Sam McVaigh, Director of People & Inclusion at Bury Council, shares insights into their journey through a successful Champions programme.

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Wellbeing at work, is technology friend or foe?

Wellbeing at work. Is technology friend or foe?


For some organisations wellbeing is mostly a tick box exercise, yet they’re at risk of being left behind. Wellbeing is no longer just about doing the right thing. It can make a difference to an organisation’s bottom line. Whether reducing the cost of absenteeism and presenteeism or ensuring your best employees don’t leave for a business where they feel better supported, it makes financial sense to invest in the wellbeing of your staff.

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leadership in agile environments

Leadership in agile environments


Agile is a mindset that empowers organisations and employees, creating high performing teams. The key benefits of agile working are recognised as increased customer satisfaction, faster time to market, greater innovation and increased employee engagement.

Agile leadership strives to remove roadblocks to success so employees are more effective and productive. Since agile teams work together better, agile leadership drives better business outcomes with less wasted time and resources.

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A banenr with a smiling man on his laptop representing our top fivve tips for creating a hybrid culture webinar

Hybrid working – Top five tips for creating a hybrid culture


How do your new work arrangements impact culture – the lifeblood of your organisation? You’ve probably realised a hybrid culture is more important than ever. 

In the hybrid workplace, you need a culture that drives mindset and behaviours to encourage your people to stay healthy, happy, productive – and aligned with your organisation’s goals. Whether your people are in the office or at home. Tools, policies, and processes just aren’t enough. To truly embrace hybrid work, you need thoughtful consideration of a hybrid culture. 

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Top tips for hybrid working employee engagement with Mark Thompson and Natasha Bradley

Top tips for hybrid working employee engagement


Congratulations! You deployed the tech and launched your first hybrid working model. You now have people in the office and at home. So how do you support your people to feel connected and experience those natural, ‘water cooler’ moments?  

We know that strong engagement levels lead to higher productivity, better work-life balance and more closely connected colleagues. Getting those natural water cooler moments is key. 

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Introducing governance to Microsoft Teams

Introducing governance to Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams has become the foundation of many businesses’ communication and collaboration frameworks but can easily become chaotic without the right governance policies. Managing an organisation-spanning Microsoft Teams environment is not an easy task due to major governance measures that must be in place to contain sprawl, secure internal data and ensure organisational-wide visibility and efficiency.

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Digital transformation vs IT transformation banner

Why are digital and IT transformations so different and what are the challenges?


In just two years the Covid pandemic has turned business upside down. Home working is now widespread, and customers more likely to engage digitally. It’s brought digitalisation from hype to the new normal.

If organisations are to survive and prosper in this new normal, they need to reimagine strategies and operations to unlock future value through digital technology.

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That was a great webinar … I personally like the concluding statement about bringing in disruptors with fresh perspectives. It so much resonated with me. I’m glad I attended as I now know the difference between Digital Transformation and IT Transformation – Kunle Ologunebi
The importance of business change when deploying technology with Gini Holden and Natasha Bradley

The importance of business change when deploying technology


You launch new tech and suddenly the whole organisation is streamlined, collaborating and efficient. Employees are ecstatic and change the way they’ve been working for the last twenty years. If only!

Digital adoption is only 20% about technology. The other 80% is people and processes. So why do so many organisations miss out the importance of delivering business change?

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