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Cloud Business chooses The Inform Team to assist its customers with technology adoption

By 11th November 2016October 10th, 2023No Comments

The Inform Team is now supporting cloud technology company, Cloud Business’ customers when new technology projects impact their people. London-based Inform will be helping the businesses to improve the understanding, enthusiasm and uptake of technology among employees, which enables them to realise the benefits associated with their investment, quicker.

The Inform Team has been working with companies UK-wide and worldwide, tailoring adoption plans to the company’s needs. A bespoke adoption strategy starts with a Discovery, where The Inform Team ‘take the pulse’ of the organisation. The Discovery establishes an understanding of the change, how it will impact different audiences, the technology, the company culture and receptiveness to change.

The Inform Team’s unique skills in implementing change management projects is based around ‘Excite, Equip, Embed’, which typically includes engagement, communications and training. This approach has successfully helped many businesses to persuade their employees to happily adopt the new ways of working that new technology requires.

“The Inform Team helps IT technology businesses such as ours to add value to our customer relationships”, says James Butler, Managing Director of Cloud Business.

“We are now able to offer the complete package to customers which combines our leading IT implementation services with Inform’s specialist change management skills.”

“It is in everyone’s interest to see the technology a customer invests in succeed, from the deployment partner, to the Board, to the programme team”, says Samantha Kinstrey, Director of The Inform Team.

“More often than not, the benefits associated to technology investment require people to change the way they work – they might now have access to cloud technology which enables them to work anytime, anywhere on multiple devices. Or they might now be able to run online meetings with their customers to be more agile and responsive. Whatever the technology, change doesn’t just happen. It needs to be nurtured, and that’s what we do.”

Edmund Monk, Managing Director of LPI added “As an LPI-accredited learning provider, The Inform Team is clearly demonstrating its commitment to learning quality and performance outcomes. It is a forward-thinking and innovative provider of learning and I have no doubt that these new developments will continue to differentiate the company from its competitors. Customers can be confident that The Inform Team will deliver learning services and products to the highest possible standard.”


The Inform Team

The Inform Team was founded in 2013 by two pioneering leaders in the field of technology adoption, bringing together top experts within the industry into one dedicated consultancy.

The company is built on the philosophy that effective technology adoption is a common need that exists in large organisations but is not easily recognised by executives, programme directors, project managers or people from the IT, communications and HR teams.

The unique approach to technology adoption, Excite, Equip, Embed sees The Inform Team lead a company and its people through technology change and embed New Ways of Working throughout the organisation – quickly realising the expected benefits.

The Inform Team is a recognised market leader in helping businesses communicate effective and sustainable technology change through their transformation and technology change programmes. This is backed up by the Learning Provider accreditation achieved through the Learning and Performance Institute.

The Team is fortunate to have worked with many well-known global organisations from all around the world who often have little or no internal capacity, experience or capability to manage their people through the change process.


Cloud Business

Founded in 2009, Cloud Business is a fast growth cloud technology company based in Guildford, Surrey. They specialise in helping organisations unlock the value of Microsoft Clout and deliver a fantastic user experience.

The company has been awarded Worldwide Microsoft Office 365 Partner of the year and a member of the Microsoft Cloud Advisory Council.

The team has so far migrated over 200,000 users to Office 365, working with 140 organisations.


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