The Inform Creative Agency

Bring your project to life

People have high standards when it comes to content – years of high-quality marketing and our own online behaviour has driven this expectation.

Even if you have an in-house team, their day job is busy enough without planning and creating a programme that works. Let our experienced team help bring your change programme to life and take the burden from your team.

A rocket to represent our Exploit phase

How does good design help?

Your project will be much more approachable and accessible with good design. We’ve helped visualise projects for change programmes and from there build a coherent project identity using personas from your business.

What our clients love most though are our Inform videos. Through animation and real-life filming, we deliver how-to guides and project visions – perfect for bringing about behaviour change and driving best practice. It’s well known that video drives engagement and this applies to internal projects too.

Some of the many assets we create are: managers’ toolkits; wall art; email templates; branded merchandise; GIFs; intranet content; pull up banners.

A laptop and phone to represent software within Creative Agency process

One-off jobs

You don’t have to be working on a change programme to use our services.

We’ve been front of mind for clients when they’ve had individual projects they need to get over the line. One project was for an app and software offering new technology to help the logistics industry.

The client brief was to script, design and produce a short animated video in just seven days. No problem for our team!

Our services include

  • Video production and animation
  • Designing flyers, posters and other collateral
  • Branding and project identity
  • Intranet and web page design and creation
  • Script writing
  • Producing benefits and key messages
  • Voice overs, sound effects and music selection
  • Social media content and planning

When you bring your design to life, the sky’s the limit