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Digital skills support

Empower your people and unlock hidden resources

The health and social care sector faces significant challenges. Alongside limited budgets, increased demand, and the lasting impact of the pandemic, there are ongoing pressures surrounding staff shortages, workload, and wellbeing.

Technology is often pitched as a catch-all solution to boost efficiency and alleviate these challenges. But rolling out new tools and costly software can sometimes create as many problems as you hope to solve.

What if you could unlock the benefits of the technology you already have, such as Teams and Microsoft 365?

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A winning digital skills strategy for health and social care

We can help

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Identify hidden needs

Getting a baseline for digital skills is the key to identifying and addressing the digital skills gap in any organisation. Our training needs analysis and digital maturity assessment identifies priority areas for upskilling.

Create a can-do culture

To build skills, boost performance, and embed better ways of working, you need to invest in your people and nurture your culture. At Inform, we've got the expertise to do just that.

Empower your people

Unlock the full potential of Microsoft 365 with targeted training. Our expert team empower your people to work smarter by optimising processes and simplifying manual tasks using apps already in your M365 toolkit.

About us

Why work with Inform?

We’re trusted by NHS organisations

We’ve got a great track record of working with people across primary care, social care, hospital trusts, and clinical commissioning. Every story and project is unique, so our change management and Microsoft 365 shared tenant specialists will work with you to build a bespoke skills programme around your people.

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