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Getting to know your business

When we understand your business and what you’re trying to achieve, we can help you to deliver technology change. So our specialist change consultants will hear from your people in a series of listening workshops to build up a picture of what’s possible.

Using Chatham House rules and anonymised feedback from the sessions, we use this intelligence as a basis for a comprehensive report and recommendations for you.


When you bring in a third party, people talk more openly about their work – and are much clearer in expressing the frustrations. This is invaluable for the unvarnished truth about what your business needs. This is why we say our workshops across the business are listening and learning activities.

And as we arrive with no prior conclusions we can look with fresh eyes. From the insight we gather from your people, we can create a genuinely useful report and recommended next steps or action plan. The more candid your people are, the more it will help unlock a better technology change programme.

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Business alignment

You should understand your business better than anyone. Even with the fresh viewpoint we bring, we need your goals and your plans for development. We want to make sure that your new technology is going to support you now and in the future. So many new systems now offer the potential of evergreen technology – moving you from the risk of expensive legacy systems.

Our change consultants will look at your two- or five-year plans to make sure our discovery recommendations align with your business goals.

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More than IT

Real technology change is more than an IT department making upgrades and visionary CIOs and CTOs know this. It takes a whole business approach to be open to the potential and to take on new ways of working. So we do this in our discovery.

With many of our clients, the change project champions have come from HR, business development or marketing. They understand that, to move the business forward, technology solutions have to integrate better with people’s roles. Then IT can bring their expertise to unlock the interest for change and truly use technology to be transformative. We can support you in this and then maintain that transformation.

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Use Discovery as your template for action or go further with us

When we present you with our findings from our discovery, you can use this as a template for your own action or ask us to build from it. Many clients have in-house teams that can support their change programme – only you know whether your teams can do your change project justice on top of their other work and have the experience for successful technology change.

We know that you might need flexibility around budget and time, so we offer a tiered approach to our support. You can use the discovery as a standalone action or decide that you’d like us to help implement all or part of the recommendations.

Discovery in a nutshell

We get to know your:

  • People
  • Organisation and culture
  • Current ways of working
  • Business goals and challenges
  • Proposed technology change
  • Governance requirements

We give you:

  • Ideas for the vision and business improvement
  • Pain points and solutions
  • Use cases and personas
  • Suggested steps for implementation and delivery

What our customers say

Their experience, breadth of capability, technology expertise and the ability to cherry-pick resources at the point of need makes them a very valuable extension to a programme team.

Leon SpightHead of IT Service, Integrity & Governance, Legal & General

We’ve welcomed their advice, expertise and guidance in how we plan and deliver the new way of working to our employees, for whom it will be a major transformation.

Neil AshworthDirector of Business Transformation, Network Homes

[Inform is] skilled at getting to the absolute nub of what you are trying to achieve, can tease out the critical blockers and challenges.

Lee FrancisProgramme Manager, Dorset NHS Foundation Trust