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Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group answer ‘Why The Inform Team?’

By 15th February 2016October 10th, 2023No Comments

Dorset CCG, recognising the significant benefits of Office 365 and in particular Skype, OneNote and SharePoint, launched an initiative to utilise in the Design and Transformation directorate. Following previous successful engagements with The Inform Team, we invited them in for an initial “information exchange” to qualify our own thoughts and to learn from their extensive experience.

The task list quickly grew and pitfalls avoided that we hadn’t considered or been aware of! The temptation is often to do it all in house, but the true cost usually works out more in the long run either through reworking, lost efficiency or not making the most of the tool set.

The Inform Team had to completely rework their discovery and implementation planning timeframes to match our tight deadlines, we opted for the admin support and in retrospect that was a really smart decision, the amount of correspondence required trying to align room availability, trainer availability and some very busy people’s diaries is no mean feat.

Feedback was collated after every session and enabled us to evaluate if our users were responding well to the training and the key training points coming across, it enabled slight tweaking ensuring we got the very best delivery.

I sat in perhaps one of the toughest sessions, it included an in house trainer and several members of the IT department, “oooohs” and “aaaahhhhhs” early on in the session as staff understood the full opportunities of O365 were great to hear!

We concluded with a thorough wash up session which included succession planning and detailed key measures for us to checkpoint at 3, 6 and 12 months to understand the effectiveness and adoption of our implementation.

Sam, Emma and team are exceptionally skilled at getting to the absolute nub of what you are trying to achieve, can tease out the critical blockers and challenges before successfully mitigating them and delighting end users. They are true “people, people” – an organisations most valuable asset.

Lee Francis

Programme Manager

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