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Event planning services

Create meaningful moments

Events + experiences

Create meaningful moments

Events + experiences

With events, every moment is an opportunity to make a lasting impression, and every detail counts.

At Inform, our events team are not just event planners – we’re strategists, creators, and innovators, bringing a unique blend of creativity and passion to the table. We’ve got a wealth of experience in event planning and delivery, and our portfolio spans corporate events, employee experiences, and brand activations.

Our approach is personal and collaborative, aligning with your aspirations, goals and values. As we bring your vision to life, we work as an extension of your team to create memorable, impactful moments that will resonate with your audience long after the event concludes.

Event services

In-person events and experiences

Our events services

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Conferences, meetings and corporate events
A woman presenting to a conference, she has her back turned to the camera, facing the audience.

Conferences, meetings and corporate events

Transform your conventional face-to-face gatherings into extraordinary events. We design and deliver seamless, professional events that facilitate knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration. From small executive retreats to large scale conferences, we'll help you plan and deliver your work event with creativity and passion.

Workshops, Roadshows and Training Events
A man proudly shows off a collection of paper pizzas he made during a quality assurance workshop

Workshops, roadshows and training events

Get your people excited, energised and ready for change with our training and internal communications events. From technology roadshows, to pop up helpdesks, and interactive workshops, we'll help you bring new ways of working to life through an immersive event. After all, why create a memo when you can curate a moment?

Employee experiences
The Inform Team at our annual summer festival experience, organised in-house

Employee experiences

Elevate your team's morale and productivity with our bespoke employee experience events services. We specialise in creating immersive, engaging experiences that foster teamwork, new ideas, and a sense of belonging. From team building workshops to wellness retreats, our events are tailored to empower your people and enrich your organisation.

Brand and product activations
A blank conference booth, awaiting your immersive brand experience

Brand and product activations

We create memorable, interactive experiences that bring your brand or product to life and engage your target audience directly. From launch events to experiential marketing campaigns, our activations are designed to generate buzz, build your brand and drive engagement.

Event consultation services
An Inform consultant working on a strategy

Event consultation services

With creativity and passion at the heart of everything we do we LOVE hearing about your objectives and ambitions and working collaboratively to find the right solution. Whatever the brief, we’ll ensure that your events and experiences deliver on your objectives.

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End-to-end events planning, delivery and support

We’ll work with you at every stage of event planning and delivery, ensuring your event runs smoothly.

Our approach includes:

  • Events and experience strategy: developing your objectives, audience and budget
  • Ideation and engagement: bringing innovative, creative ideas to life
  • Design and events communications: from creating a unique event identity through to delegate communications, our in-house creative team will generate a “wow!” at every touchpoint
  • Content and digital: driving experiences through engaging technologies and storytelling
  • Events management and consultancy: We can work with you in capacities big and small to bring your vision to life
Creative design assets from the event: a t-shirt, flyer and banner designed by the The Inform Team
Events and experiences manager Yasmin working with Inform colleagues at an event.

Our events expertise

At Inform, we’ve got a whole bunch of amazing, creative people behind the scenes of every event, bringing a vision to life.

Our events and experiences manager, Yasmin, has extensive experience in delivering high-profile events, brand activations and employee experiences. She oversees the strategic planning of events, developing comprehensive concepts, themes and engagement mechanics.

Our events team coordinate all logistical aspects of event delivery, from venue selection and vendor management to day-of execution, with dedicated design support from our in-house creative agency.

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