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Excite – Equip – Embed

By 20th May 2016October 9th, 2023No Comments

We hope you enjoyed our fourth insight last month; judging by the responses we received, it struck a chord with many of you.

Did you know? “Change projects with excellent change management are six times more likely to succeed than projects with poor change management”

(Prosci Benchmarking Report, 2016).

This month, we are launching our 3E’s approach. It describes the way we address the adoption challenge associated with technology change and is based on the real-world projects we deliver for our clients. We’ve paid careful attention to our Embed phase; many of our clients find that adoption of a given technology tends to dip after the team responsible for implementing it disbands.

Excite makes people aware of the change and helps them understand the benefits it will give them. It makes people enthusiastic about what’s on the horizon and creates the desire to change.

Equip gives people the skills and knowledge to use the technology effectively through relevant and contextual learning solutions. Learning can be online content, face-to-face or virtual delivery.

Embed recognizes that habits are hard to break and it is easy to fall into familiar ways of working. It also recognises that working in your organization might be a unique experience. We establish ways to promote and reinforce use of the technology beyond the life of the project.

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