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ExciteAI: AI leadership workshops

The foundations of AI for leaders

Bring your senior leadership together and start a strategic discussion with our AI discovery workshops.

Through this carefully curated programme, we’ll introduce key AI concepts, and guide your leadership team through the current AI landscape, including Microsoft Copilot.

Together, we’ll uncover the risks and rewards of AI and kickstart your journey to developing a high-level vision that aligns AI with your people, data and culture.

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AI workshops

Build your AI discovery programme

Our AI workshops are designed to focus leadership on your intention and commitment to AI. These interactive workshops curate an introduction to AI that suits your leadership team and objectives.

We can deliver your programme virtually or in person through a half or full day AI leadership event.

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Workshop 1: Why AI?

Your guided tour of the current AI landscape, including challenges, opportunities and real-world impact.

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Workshop 2: AI value spotlight

This session hones in on popular AI use cases for your sector, exploring the value that AI tools can bring to organisations like yours.

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Workshop 3: The people journey

An introduction to the psychology of change, and the importance of a people-first approach to AI adoption at work.

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Workshop 4: Adopting AI responsibly

This session introduces data, ethics and governance considerations for secure, responsible use of AI.

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Workshop 5: Next steps towards AI

This summary session facilitates reflection and discussion around core AI concepts, and outlines the next steps on your AI journey.

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Ask us for a more in-depth workshop agenda and start building your programme:

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Looking for something a little different? Ask us about our immersive AI events for employee engagement.

Your three-stage guide to AI adoption

Embracing AI is just about change, and we know change. It starts with people.

No matter where you are in your AI adoption journey, our AI support squad can help. We’ll equip you with the tools to establish, excite and embed AI in your organisation by putting people first. From exploring use cases to creating a strategy and delivering training, we’re with you every step of the way.

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ExciteAI: Explore what's possible for your people

Our AI workshops help leaders explore the possibilities of AI technologies. Uncover inspiration, assess AI risks and rewards, and develop a vision for how AI can work for you.

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EstablishAI: Develop your roadmap

We’ll help you demonstrate the value of AI tools through tailored use cases and bespoke personas, then work together to develop a plan of action to deliver AI benefits for your people.

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EmbedAI: Make AI change happen

Unlock the power of AI for your people with Inform’s adoption and change management expertise. We’ll deliver people-focused change and embed the tools, skills and behaviours you need to embrace AI.

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The Inform Team has got your back. We’re already equipping clients with the relevant skills and behaviours to help their people thrive with AI.

Get in touch with our friendly team to start planning your AI leadership vision.