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Introducing our new service: Meet M365 How Do I

By 18th October 2023October 25th, 2023No Comments

It’s been a busy time at The Inform Team. We’ve been building a brand-new service to enhance the way you build skills in Microsoft 365.

When we deliver our training, we get the same feedback time and again: “Can you stay and be our live-in Microsoft guide?”

At first, we smiled at the compliment and moved on. But a flurry of similar comments sparked an idea. So we gave it some thought and developed the M365 How Do I service.

What is M365 How Do I?

M365 How Do I is a people-first Q&A helpdesk, providing on demand skills support for Microsoft 365 users.

Designed as a follow-on service for our Microsoft 365 adoption and training programmes, M365 How Do I offers direct assistance for Microsoft 365 applications, as and when your people need help.

How can ‘M365 How Do I’ help?

We’ve all been there. You’ve got an important presentation to prepare for, and you suddenly realise you need to add some data. It’s all in the spreadsheet, but how can you pull out the bits you need? You ask a colleague, who suggests a pivot table.

The cold sweat breaks out. A pivot table? You’ve got this… but how do they work again?

Your colleague leaves for a meeting. It’s all on you now.

Comic strip panel 1: A woman sits at a laptop thinking very hard. A thought bubble emerges reading "Ok, a pivot table. I've got this"
Comic strip panel 2: The woman looks determined, she thinks "So I just need to click this thing here..."
Comic strip panel 3: The woman looks bewildered with her head in her hands. She thinks "Whoa! Undo! Undo!"
Comic strip final panel: the woman puts her head on the desk in defeat. The thought bubble reads "Oh wow... I have not got this"

You could ask Google. But if you don’t know what you need, how can you search for a tutorial? You could ask ChatGPT, but ChatGPT makes things up when it doesn’t know the answer. You’ve got twenty tabs open with thirty different solutions, and nothing quite fits.

Among the rabbit holes, red herrings, and wild goose chases – you’re just trying to get your work done.

What if you could ask Inform? Simply send us your question and one of our expert trainers will quickly respond, helping you find the best solution for your unique situation.

You get the answers you need today, while building your skillset for tomorrow.

Bring on the pivot tables… you’ve got this!

Meet some of our inform trainers. Smiling headshots of Kirsty, Charles, Caz, Deeps, Geoff, Jade and Mark.

Ongoing learning and support for Microsoft 365

Tell me and I forget.

Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.


Formal training sessions, whether in the classroom or online, are fantastic for introducing new tools and technology. This kind of in-depth digital training gets everyone on the same page and establishes key skills to empower your team.

But after mastering the basics, your training needs become very niche; determined by different roles, goals and tasks. This is where targeted microlearning can really boost digital skills across your organisation.

According to training research, 56% of people prefer to learn at the point of need. They learn by doing, building skills as part of their day-to-day work, and learning new things in response to specific problems or questions.

progress ring showing 56%

56% prefer to learn at point of need

Progress ring showing 41%

41% prefer to learn at their desks

Progress ring showing 30%

30% prefer to learn during lunch

Progress ring showing 28%

28% prefer to learn on their commute

M365 How Do I effectively facilitates this approach, responding to ongoing training needs with personal solutions to suit your way of working.

Build an accurate picture of your digital skills and training needs

Every time your people use Google or Bing to troubleshoot their Microsoft 365 questions, valuable data is lost to cyberspace.

Coming back to the example we used earlier, how can you know if your pivot table problem is a one-off query, or a symptom of a broader digital skills gap within your organisation?

Close up of "mind the gap" message on a train platform

With M365 How Do I, we capture this vital information and send you regular skills reports, highlighting recent trends and training recommendations. You can use this information to strengthen your learning and development strategy, and get ongoing insight into digital literacy levels across your organisation.

Discover M365 How Do I for your organisation

To explore more about our new skills service, get in touch with our team and book your free consultation.

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