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From stress points to turning points: how digital upskilling can reshape pressurised government services

By 20th February 2024February 26th, 2024No Comments

Technology is rapidly advancing, and local government organisations are struggling to keep up. Alongside this technological lag, there are constant and complicated pressures mounting, with increased citizen demands and budgetary restrictions collectively creating a whirlwind of challenges.

So, how can we help before the pot boils over?

Two words: digital upskilling.

Harnessing the transformative power of technology through digital upskilling can equip government employees with invaluable tech expertise to streamline processes, save resources and ultimately pave the way for more efficient service delivery.

Here, we have the potential to reshape stress points into strategic turning points.

The growing pressures on local governments

Local government bodies are on the frontlines of service delivery, acting as the passage between the public and essential services. However, as populations grow and citizens become more digitally aware, governments are tasked with providing quicker, more seamless, and more efficient services.

The demand for technological development is overtaking the digital literacy of many employees, which is only making the problems worse.

Workday research shows a staggering 43% of civil servants don’t think their organisations have the right tools for efficient workforce management, which only emphasises the need for digital support.

Our local authorities find themselves at a crossroads, struggling to adapt, innovate and remain relevant in the face of mounting expectations and limited resources.

A pie chart infographic stating 43% of civil servants don't think their organisations have the right tools for efficient workforce management

Digital upskilling: a beacon of hope

The digital world is bursting with opportunities, but harnessing its full potential needs a workforce that’s skilled and confident in navigating the ins and outs of the digital landscape. Investing in digital upskilling isn’t just a luxury anymore; it’s a necessity.

According to the NHSX Adult Social Care Technology and Digital Skills review, several local authorities have pinpointed the value of digital upskilling. In their quest for excellence, they championed initiatives designed to increase their workforce’s digital skills and confidence.

One of these initiatives is the integration of peer support. Local authorities who put peer support into practice saw significant improvements in digital proficiency. Peer support, as well as schemes like digital champion programmes and buddy systems, also help nurture a culture of collaboration where people can lean on each other for guidance and support. They act as catalysts that foster a forward-thinking, tech-savvy culture.

Bridging the gap

While the bonuses of digital upskilling are significant, it’s also important to understand the difficulties that come with it. Identifying the skills gap is the first step but bridging it and navigating the challenges needs a seasoned guide.

Here at The Inform Team, we’ve carved a niche in helping local governments find these skills gaps. By offering targeted upskilling on tools like Microsoft 365, we support local government bodies to bridge the digital divide. Our expertise in facilitating change programmes to introduce new technologies organisation-wide results in streamlined processes, a motivated workforce, time savings and cost reduction.

Leaders across private and public sectors need to acknowledge and act on the fast-approaching skills revolution. The demand for both basic and advanced digital skills isn’t a trend; it’s the future.

The journey ahead

The road to digital transformation for local authorities has its challenges, but the potential rewards are undeniable.

Government services can transform stress points into turning points by committing to digital upskilling, addressing the digital skills gap and leveraging peer support.

The result? Enhanced efficiency, increased employee satisfaction and improved overall service delivery. The digital revolution is en route, and with the right strategies and expert-guided support, local governments can confidently lead the charge.

We’re here to support local government through this transformation and support your employees to realise their digital capabilities. Click the button below to learn more about our services and get started on your journey towards success today.

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