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Microsoft Power Platform

Automating workplace solutions

The Microsoft Power Platform is your newest team member. It draws in data to your decision making, automates admin and frees up your people from processes to strategy and action. And we can equip your organisation with the latest functionality of the Power Platform.

Using Microsoft Power Platform we can help you revolutionise your leadership, strengthen decision making and embed business intelligence with smart data analysis and visualisations. Let us help you empower your people with technology adoption and automation.

What the Power Platform can do for you

New technology offers endless possibilities. That in itself can be overwhelming. Inform can get technology working for you and we’re experts in unlocking new ways of working.

Understanding and defining your organisational culture and workplace needs is a large part of the process. Inform can show your organisation how building effective automation can take away time consuming tasks. We’ve found it can significantly help strategic decisions especially at senior level, enhance workplace fulfilment and boost motivation.

It needs specific expertise and we tailor each process to your organisation. Some processes can even be turned round in days, meaning you’ll see the results faster than you’d imagine. We get you there through upskilling your people and helping you build new processes.

Your organisation, your automation

Human error is normal and inevitable. By leaving repetitive and routine tasks to automation, repetitive tasks are out of sight – yet always in mind.

With Microsoft Power Automate your people are at the centre of your decisions. Embedding intelligent software helps your organisation – and your people – deliver smart and accurate results.

Automation can streamline your work allowing your people to work consistently and efficiently. With reliable and up-to-date processes, your people are able to focus on outcomes not processes. Examples of operations you can automate include IT helpdesks, holiday and sickness logging, resource management, and timesheet management. All these can integrate with wider performance reporting and people analytics across your organisation as well as save money on third-party solutions.

Illustrated hand pointing towards cogs that represent automation in the workplace

58% of executives have started their automation journey*

Two fictional characters discussing automation in the workplace

Organisations expect a 26% increase in back-office capacity*

We know it works because we use it too. For instance, our onboarding process is fully automated making a specific set of repetitive but essential tasks error-free and straightforward. Now we’ve freed up people hours from admin to help grow our business in new ways. This is a simple yet effective example of replacing effort with efficiency and liberating our people for more strategic work.

Business intelligence needs data insights

Analysis and data processing are large parts of day-to-day business. They are usually the answer to most of your decisions, so they should be accessible to everyone.

Power BI lets you make data-driven decisions. And you need an effective workforce that saves you time and resources. You’ll gain a competitive lead as data connectors personalise your workplace flow with apps you already use, cutting out the back-and-forth paperwork comparisons and helping you reach decisions with speed and efficiency.

Logos for Azure, SharePoint, and Excel

Data connectors work with sources such as Azure SQL Database, Excel and SharePoint *

A padlock and key representing the safety and security of the Power Platform

End-to-end data protection even when sharing outside your organisation*

Common business challenges

  • Plenty of data and not enough action
  • Business strategies not backed by data
  • Labour intensive procedures slowing your business down
  • Business initiatives add pressure to your people’s time
  • Human error in information management puts your organisation at risk

Microsoft Power Platform gives you

  • Data transformed into useful insight that’s accessible across your organisation
  • Simple, low-code programming makes it easy to use
  • Automation of key organisational processes
  • Safe data handling for your people and stakeholders
  • Confidence in your daily tasks with time-saving apps

Inform can help your people overcome organisational challenges with the latest Power Platform business intelligence features. Your people can create their own solutions and find effective ways of working that suit their needs.