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We don’t talk the talk… we walk the walk!

We pride ourselves on being experts about all things Microsoft 365 – otherwise, how else can we justify going into organisations and helping their employees adopt the technology? The third phase of our adoption approach is Embed©, which isn’t just about reinforcing the use of the technology but evolving your skill set in line with its advancements. We never ‘sit on our haunches’ and act as the ‘knowers’; we have a dual role and make sure we also keep learning. This way, we’re confident that we’re passing on current information and everyone will have the best knowledge

So, what did we learn about Microsoft in May 2018?

Microsoft Teams

It took the next step in Enterprise Voice as Direct Routing will be joining Call Plans as one of the options for calling in Microsoft Teams. This will ensure interoperability between calling in Teams and customer agent applications, easy integration with PBXs and support for anolog devices.

Windows 10

The Windows 10 update in April has been causing some issues for Google Chrome and Cortana Assistant users, with their systems freezing up or locking; and some PC and Surface users have had to do a full system restore. Microsoft has voiced that there are compatibility issues with devices that have an Intel SSD6 drive. Keep an eye out!

OneNote 2016

Microsoft OneNote 2016 will still be available but it will stop being developed in favour of Windows 10 OneNote app. With OneNote, did you know you can synch audio to your notes in the notes taking tool? Or that you can insert and search for tags, create page templates and preview other Office files in OneNote?


We think some of the May new features are rather nifty. We love to talk, so with handsfree updates in Outlook and PowerPoint we’re really enjoying creating emails and presentations through dictation! What’s not to like about being able to see three-time zones in your Outlook calendar at once to work out people’s availability? And, as we’re constantly on the move we’re super happy with being able to share our calendar via Outlook Mobile more easily! And if you missed out what Mircosoft did in April 2018, take ten minutes to check out this video by Jim Naroski, Solutions Curriculum Manager, Microsoft.

Training Services

Microsoft Training Services pilot was launched. It’s a great initiative especially as keeping content up-to-date is a mammoth task, so we’re delighted by this extra support! But, surely it needs to supplement training and change management, not replace or be the driver behind reducing investment in it? Adoption’s about rallying your stakeholders, empowering your champions, engaging your users and talking to them. Learning and adoption needs face-time as self-service content alone can’t change or embed a new way of working.

And, that’s a wrap…! We’ve exited May feeling more knowledgeable and we hope you do too with this Microsoft starter for five!