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Microsoft – what did we learn in June 2018?

By 29th June 2018October 17th, 2023No Comments

We don’t talk the talk…we walk the walk!

At The Inform Team we love to learn and passionately share our knowledge with one another so we can be the masters of everything Microsoft, and keep pleasing our clients. After all, we can’t talk about the importance of continuous learning if we’re not prepared to stay on top of the latest developments in Microsoft technology ourselves! Throughout June, we’ve been walking the Microsoft path so we can gather the latest facts and share them with you.

Here’s what we learned about Microsoft in June:

  1. Microsoft Whiteboard Windows 10 app – a digital canvas where ideas, content and people come together – will exit preview and become generally available to download from the Microsoft Store in the next few months. We think this app has great collaboration potential as it enables you to work in person and virtually across multiple devices. Unfortunately, it won’t be available to government organisations using Office 365. Check out this one-minute video.
  2. Computerworld has pulled together this nifty FAQ about Microsoft 365, which provides a ‘starter for ten’ on what you need to know – from what’s included in the bundle, to how many versions there are, how it fits into Microsoft’s strategy and some of the cool features available. We’re pleased Windows AutoPilot, which lets workers enrol a new device, got a call out as it saves so much time for the IT team!
  3. Adobe and Microsoft have strengthened their partnership by further integrating what you can do with Adobe PDF technologies within Office 365. Last year, Adobe Sign (an e-signature service) became the preferred e-signature offering in Office 365. Now within Office 365, you can create, manipulate, and view PDFs in the online versions of, and from the toolbar in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive and SharePoint. Find out more.
  4. What you can do in Microsoft Teams keeps growing and growing and we’re so on this train! You can now add SharePoint pages as tabs in Microsoft Teams, so you have everything in one place. And, when creating a new team in Microsoft Teams you can take an existing team and easily duplicate the settings.
  5. We saved the best for last…Microsoft has announced some whizzy new features down the line for Office 365 and Office 2019. In future, we’ll be experiencing a simplified ribbon, new colours and icons, improved search functionality and better collaboration. All this stuff will make our working lives easier. Here’s the Wall Street Journal’s take on it – watch this short, engaging video.

And, that’s a wrap for June…well, almost. We’re all over FIFA World Cup 2018 and are jumping up and down for joy that although Bing is clever, it’s not always 100% correct as it had predicted that England would get knocked out of the cup in the quarter finals to Germany! We’re so happy Bing was wrong… 😊