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Microsoft Teams Training and Adoption

Open for collaboration

You can open up greater efficiencies and drive growth by migrating to Microsoft Teams. This feature-rich collaboration tool can help your people work together smarter and better. And Inform has plenty of experience helping organisations move to Teams.

Microsoft Teams can revolutionise how you work together and grow. With its great features and boost to business efficiency, it’s no surprise we’re helping more and more clients move to this new way of working.

What makes Microsoft Teams such a powerful tool?

With its conversation-based channels, Microsoft Teams lets your people share ideas and files to collaborate, make decisions and take action. It’s telephony and increasingly sophisticated meeting options help bring people together. With this and its app and web-based access, Teams is crucial in the growing working-from-anywhere culture.

Developed as a rival to Slack, Microsoft Teams has used the competition to drive development. Its regular updates and refinements keep advancing what’s possible. Used effectively, Teams can cut out endless emails and the to and fro of projects to speed up decision making.

All Microsoft licences include Teams – from Business Essentials to Enterprise E5 – and integrates seamlessly with Microsoft products. If you’re already on Office 365 or Microsoft 365, you should have moving over to Microsoft Teams on your to do list.

Users save up to 8 hours per week*

Over ¬£4k savings per user across 3 years’ use*

How The Inform Team can help your move to Microsoft Teams

With our support, you can get the benefits you expect – and promised to the business.

We use our 4E’s approach to understand what you want your technology transformation to achieve. Then we create and implement a plan to deliver it.

If you need, we can advise you on how to phase the migration, setting up and managing your information structure and moving across files and folders to your new arrangement. This is alongside the tailored, high-quality creative work and communications plans we produce and the expert trainers to guide your people through the transition.

Our change assurance offer gives you extra support and peace of mind in a simple package. We use Assurance to help line up your business processes, policies and principles for collaboration with the new technology. You can also use our Assurance to meet your responsibilities around regulations and compliance.

We’ve helped many clients migrate to Microsoft Teams and we know that the number of tasks involved can be daunting. Our change consultants and technical advisers can help you with the decisions to take early on.

Common problems Microsoft Teams can solve

Setting up a well-structured framework for Teams and SharePoint is the first step to improving workplace efficiency. Here are some common problems where moving to Microsoft Teams can help:

  • Email overload
  • Silo working
  • Version control
  • Shadow IT
  • Document management
  • Too many software solutions and applications

Average time-to-decision reduced by up to 20.2%*

Over half of users said Teams helped boost inclusion and support a multigenerational workforce*

How SharePoint can support Microsoft Teams

Having a well laid out infrastructure will help your team move forward. We recommend that moving systems is a chance to really challenge how you want to structure and store your information – and clear out the old.

We can help you review how to structure your data and use permissions to manage access. This is a great starting point for a migration to Teams and we can recommend software partners to help clean, archive and move your historic information.

Putting in new technology without helping people to use it efficiently means old ways of working will linger on. Asking your people to use Teams, SharePoint and connected apps without a plan to help them understand them would be like buying a sports car and always driving at 15mph.