How we do it

We connect people with technology through our memorable and unique four E’s approach – Establish, Excite, Equip, Embed™ – so organisations get the most out of their technology investment.

We begin the journey by holding a short consultation called a Discovery. Our certified Change Management specialists spend time getting to know the organisation, its people and culture, current ways of working and the proposed change.

We then recommend how best to deliver the change based on the four E’s.

establish builds the foundations to make it happen

We work with key stakeholders to build a solid foundation for the new way of working. By getting to know how your people currently work and how the technology is going to be implemented, we establish an adoption plan to best suit your organisation’s culture and set up.

Our approach entails determining a governance and best-practice model that ensures everyone works in a coherent and consistent way to prevent business risk and instability.

In partnership with you, we create personas based on character traits within your organisations, so we speak about the change in the way your people will understand.

During the Establish phase, we also develop and build a cascade model, which involves identifying, recruiting and managing champion and support networks, to help to deliver the change and make it go viral.

excite drives awareness and enthusiasm

We drive change through an energetic marketing communications campaign that brings a transformation programme to life and gives it a personality and status. Making some noise raises awareness, drums up enthusiasm and gets people to listen.

We plan and tell the story of change – at the right time, in the right way, by the right person – through branded collateral that touches all communication points.

The events and roadshows we run are great for employees to come along to and find out about why the change is happening. And, every message told, helps people understand what’s in it for them.

Our approach helps to break down resistance, overcome indifference and get people on board with the change. The campaigns we deliver improve engagement scores and increase contribution from employees.

equip gives people the knowledge and skills

We give people the knowledge and skills so they are confident to make the change. By getting to know an organisation and its approach to learning and development, we’re able to create a tailored learning experience that people will be receptive to.

Because one style of learning doesn’t suit everyone, we provide blended learning through the classroom, online content, virtual live delivery and go-live floor support.

And, by linking the ‘why to the how’ we get people to connect with the technology much quicker.

We always align the Excite and Equip phases, so everyone knows what change is coming, why, when and how it’s going to happen.

embed keeps the change alive

We keep the change alive by promoting the benefits through an organisation’s networks. This prevents the fizzle effect and stops old habits returning.

By partnering with executives, we make sure the change is led from the top; and, we help to spread the word through line managers, who give their teams permission to change.

We also support the champion networks to make the new way of working stick. And, a job well done is when there’s plenty of change success stories across the organisation to cheer about!

When our time with an organisation comes to an end, we provide handover support packs to the relevant team, so they can keep everyone onboard the technology adoption train.