Who we are

Samantha Kinstrey and Emma Henry created The Inform Team in 2013.

Today, we’re a global network of 100+ consultants who specialise in technology change management, communications, creative design, back-office operations and training.

Everyone has a background in technology and our consultants are matched to our client programmes, based on who has the most relevant experience and skills. No project is too big for us as we have a network that can scale to support large organisations split across APAC, EMEA and the Americas.

Many of our team hold the following certifications:

Our founders

Change and Engagement Consultants

Eleanor Ferris

Malcolm Bullock

Karen Jones

Patric Kinstrey

Liz Waterworth

John Hagerty

Frankie Jefferies

Training Consultants

Mark Thompson

Rita Patel-Mistry

Kirsty Brown

Andrew Gear

Matt Bowman

Andy Bates

Sue Gilkes

Martin Gower-Smith

Charles Burkinshaw

Carolyn Hill

Andrew Thornton

Karen Gillard

Avis Cowling

John Waldner

Andy Sopel

Ruth Gower-Smith

Tricia Floody

Creative Agency

Douglas Phillips

Helen Vale

Thomas Capaldi

Greg Bryant

Steve Fisher

Alexia Hanson

Jackie Green

Abigayle Fisher

Behind the scenes

Jane Roe

David Wragg

Jo-Anne Bailes

Linda Boudjemaa