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Diary of a change manager

Change management podcasts

Change is inevitable. It challenges us, inspires us, and shapes our world. But how do we navigate the complexities of change within organisations?

Welcome to Diary of a Change Manager, the podcast that gets to the very core of organisational change challenges and celebrates transformation journey successes.

In each episode, Inform co-founder Samantha Kinstrey discusses a different change management theme with our expert guests.

Diary of a change manager

Episode 1 | Change leadership

Guest: Michele Payne

To kick off the series, Sam is joined by expert Change Manager Michele Payne to discuss the role of leaders in successful change programmes.

From building momentum to coaching through change, this is a lively discussion packed with practical tips… including the recipe for the perfect change sandwich!

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Episode 2 | Mastering stakeholder management

Guest: Jack Stamp

Getting your people on board is the single most important factor in the success of a change programme. In this episode, Sam is joined by seasoned change management practitioner, Jack Stamp. Together, they discuss the power of people and stakeholder management… including how to get a nightmare scenario back on track.

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Episode 3 | Strategies for change

Guest: Katie Thompson

What makes a change strategy succeed? In this episode, Katie Thompson – our Head of CMO – joins Sam to discuss what makes change stick. They cover significant success stories, overcoming resistance, and the work of Inform’s Change Management Office in developing frameworks for successful change.

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Episode 4 | Triumph in the face of adversity

Guest: Emma Henry

Sam is joined by co-founder and lifelong friend, Emma Henry. Together, they revisit the early days of The Inform Team and explore how the business sprang from an unexpected change. Tune in for reaction, resilience, and reflection on the values that helped turn sudden change into change for good.

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Episode 5 | The science of storytelling

Guest: Tom Dunmore

Jargon is out. People listen better when you tell a story.

In this episode, join our specialist Communications Consultant, Tom Dunmore, as he shares storytelling strategies and ways to engage your people throughout a change programme.

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Episode 6 | The people side of change

Guest: Gareth Evans

The biggest mistake leaders make with change is putting process over people. Your people are the most important asset in any change programme. In this episode, veteran Change Manager Gareth Evans explores what it means to put people first through change.

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