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Roc Technologies select The Inform Team to assist its customers with technology adoption

By 8th September 2015October 10th, 2023No Comments

The Inform Team will support Roc Technologies customers when components of a technology transformation impact its people. By executing a bespoke adoption strategy, customers will improve the adoption of the technology and realise the benefits associated with their investment, quicker.

The first stage of developing a bespoke adoption strategy entails a Discovery, where The Inform Team ‘take the pulse’ of the organisation. The Discovery establishes an understanding of the change, how it will impact different audiences, the technology, the company culture and receptiveness to change. The Inform Team then develop a bespoke strategy, typically comprising training, communications and engagement – ensuring the customer’s people adopt the new ways of working that such transformations invoke.

The Inform Team can design, develop and deliver the programme, or work with the client to deliver it on a hybrid basis where they have capability and capacity.

“The Inform Team help IT services organisations such as ours add value to our customer relationships”, says Matt Franklin, Managing Director of Roc Technologies. “With leading edge technology transformations such as ours, there is a whole change element to consider, and now we can fulfil that element rather than leaving our customers to figure it out themselves.”

“It is in everyone’s interest to see the technology a customer invests in succeed, from the deployment partner, to the Board, to the programme team”, says Samantha Kinstrey, Director of The Inform Team. “More often than not, the benefits associated to technology investment require people to change the way they work – they might now have access to cloud technology which enables them to work anytime, anywhere on multiple devices. Or they might now be able to run online meetings with their customers to be more agile and responsive. Whatever the technology, change doesn’t just happen. It needs to be nurtured, and that’s what we do.”


The Inform Team

The Inform Team are a niche consulting practice, specialising in improving the performance of people and organisations through the effective adoption of technology. Their unique offering combines communications with training strategies to create adoption programmes that really work.

We work with large organisations who have little or no internal capability, experience or capacity to manage their people through the change process.


Roc Technologies

Roc provides services and solutions that help leaders to succeed. Our customers work with us to transform their business processes, project delivery and technology.

We work with enterprise customers, the public sector and via partners delivering managed services, advice, implementations and solutions. From process mapping and project advice to networks and data centre, Roc helps you deliver on your objectives.

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