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AI planning workshop

Get your organisation ready for AI

The AI revolution has the potential to unlock both explosive productivity and unprecedented risks.

This workshop brings your senior stakeholders together to establish a working understanding of the current AI landscape for business, including Microsoft Copilot.

Together, we’ll guide you through the risks and opportunities of AI and explore the impact on your organisation’s technology, policies, people and culture.

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Create your roadmap for AI readiness

A change manager leading a workshop

Build a shared understanding

This workshop demystifies AI tools and technologies and gets everyone on the same page. We'll explain what tools are available and share relevant use cases for your industry.

Mitigate risks

Without the right governance, AI technology can leave your organisation vulnerable to data breaches, legal complications and compliance issues. In this workshop, we'll outline the risks and share preventative action.

Prepare for AI

Leave the session with a high-level action plan, packed with recommendations to securely enable AI in your organisation.

Workshop outline

An interactive introduction to AI

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Get to know your organisation
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Tell us about your organisation

We'll start by exploring your story and business structure, core technologies, key strategies, goals and governance. We'll also look at how you currently manage change and how you're using AI tools right now.

Explore the AI landscape
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Map the AI landscape

Generative AI isn't the future, it's already here. We'll explore what's out there, how people are using it, and what impact this could have - good and bad. We'll also introduce Microsoft Copilot, the highly-anticipated AI assistant for Microsoft 365.

People policies and culture
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Plan for your people, policies and culture

People are at the heart of any technology change, especially when it comes to AI. Together, we'll look at your organisation's structure, culture and workforce readiness for AI and share expert insight to create successful change.

Technical readiness for AI
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Uncover your technical barriers

Generative AI is only as useful as the data that sits behind it. We'll guide you through the technical prerequisites you'll need to get value from AI. This includes data management, file storage, and software licensing.

Get ready for AI
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Get ready for AI

We'll wrap up the workshop with a summary of your opportunities, vulnerabilities, and high-level recommendations to begin your journey with AI technologies. We'll guide you through your next steps and help you prepare your organisation for AI.

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Embrace AI opportunities with our strategy + change expertise

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Plan your digital transformation

New technologies and ways of working need change expertise to make them stick. At Inform, our experienced Change Managers will work with you to develop a digital change strategy that puts your people first.

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Build a collaborative culture

AI in the workplace can be met with excitement, derision, or fear. Our culture + behaviours specialists help you put people first and build an open, collaborative culture to face the future of work.

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Align your policies and governance

Governance and information management are often overlooked when new technology appears. Our assurance service helps you review, develop and update key policies to keep your processes aligned and your data secure.

Start planning for AI

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