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Change assurance and governance

Because change is about more than just technology

Does your technology say one thing, but your workplace culture and policies say another? We’ve found three crucial parts of technology change that are often overlooked so set up a service to fix this. Now you can use our specialist experience to help review, facilitate and develop these important parts of your programme.

Our comprehensive approach looks at data, processes and policies and ongoing business performance to give you the assurance you need to make the most of your technology transformation.

Health check

The first stage is to review your policies and processes. We measure these against your programme’s objectives, the potential of the new technology and your business needs

Then we support you to revise and refresh your policies. From this, we add your updated protocols into your change process. In this way, they’ll reinforce the new behaviours you need from your people.

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Managing information

We can help your people see the art of the possible. By listening to your business, we can make sure your technology change will help the right people work together more easily. After that, we can help you structure and give permissions for your data and information architecture. So if you’re working with Microsoft 365, this means we can support you to design your SharePoint, Teams and Groups structure. Importantly, these will be backed up by your new policies and processes to safeguard the change.

Above all, you should have confidence in how you classify, store, secure, trace and manage information appropriately.

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Are you using your technology’s governance and security options to enforce business policies? These can keep your organisation and users safer – and could keep you on the right side of industry regulations.

GDPR fines alone can be up to 4% of global turnover. So from accidental sharing of restricted information to managing messages to help avoid HR disputes, well-used technology can reduce your exposure to risk.

Find out how our compliance work can establish the protocols you need.

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Use our change assurance team for ongoing support

When you engage our Assurance maintenance service, we manage your review dates and make sure your processes and policies stay fit for purpose. So as your business develops and new technology functionality becomes available, you stay on track.

Our service helps give you an evergreen, business-first approach. So that your technology not only meets your compliance and people needs, it supports your business growth too.

Why does assurance matter?

Updating software and hardware is a significant – and costly – undertaking. But if you just ‘lift and shift’ old practices into new IT, you’re not making the most of technology’s potential.

With Assurance, you can improve your work culture and practices, and your business performance.

Looking for help to do more of the heavy lifting?

We can recommend Software as a Service (SaaS) suppliers to manage some of the practicalities for you if you need.

And we have partners with specialist automation tools who can maintain the integrity of your work practices over time.