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Create connections for change

Engagement specialists

Engagement + connections

Engagement specialists

Engagement + connections

To create change across very large, complex organisations, you need someone to join the dots and connect your people.

We build relationships across large, multi-site organisations to accelerate change.

Our engagement specialists work to develop a deep understanding of your organisation, building trust and driving awareness to get every person on board and up to speed.

We develop relationships and make sure no-one is left behind.

Get connected

We build connections across complex organisations

We go beyond your org chart to really understand how your organisation works. We’ll get on the ground, discover who’s who, and build an action plan for maximising engagement with your change project.

In a large organisation, siloed teams and hard-to-reach groups are inevitable. We make it our business to find and engage with people. We listen to what they have to say, and find ways to bring them along with us.

Change works best with people to introduce and champion new ideas. Whether you’re looking at an official change champions programme, or building informal support, we’ll work with you to identify changemakers and develop stronger networks.

New tools and technologies can have an impact well beyond your initial project. Our engagement team can work across large, multi-site organisations to make connections, discover opportunities, and maximise your ROI.

Change is an abstract concept until you can demonstrate success. We create case studies from early adopters in one team to show other departments the real impact of digital change in your organisation.

Having a dedicated point of contact for technology change can transform your project. Our Engagement Managers can take the lead to advocate for new ways of working and support you throughout your change project.

Engagement in action: Ministry of Defence

Five illustrated figures showing colleagues interacting with laptops, mobiles and other technology

We delivered a technology change project with Defence Digital, rolling out new technologies and training across the Ministry of Defence. The MOD encompasses many different agencies, distributed across multiple sites.

Our Engagement Managers rose to the challenge and identified stakeholders, built relationships and connected people to the project.

Relationships are everything to us

At Inform, we take the time to build strong and lasting relationships.

We use our experience and insight to understand your vision and challenges, and aren’t afraid to ask the difficult questions to deliver the results you’re looking for.

We listen, we learn, and we build key connections to get change moving.

The Inform Team's Kirsty and Mark conversing with a customer out of shot. They are listening and smiling.
Smiling headshots of Pat, Emma, Frankie and Natasha from our engagement + connections team

Our engagement team

Every one of our engagement + connection specialists is a true people person.

We pride ourselves on integrating seamlessly with your team and making genuine connections with people across all levels of your organisation.

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