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Inform's data scientist Daisy and co-founder Sam sit beside each other in amiable conversation. A strong culture builds relationships across all levels of your organisation.

Culture change

The science of being human

Culture + behaviours

The science of being human

Culture + behaviours

Your organisation’s culture can be your strongest asset or your biggest risk – it all depends on how you nurture it.

Group culture is powerful. It taps into our most innate human impulses to influence what we do, and how we work. Our culture + behaviours specialists draw on anthropology, psychology and neuroscience to create cultural change.

We put people first to build an open, collaborative culture… and we can do it without mentioning change, if that’s what your people need.

Our unique culture + behaviour approach creates an excellent foundation for digital transformation projects and can help revive a team in challenging circumstances.

Discover the science of change

Being human matters. Put your people first with bespoke culture support.

People change as a group. Our cultural assessment looks at the roles your people play and how they react to change. By working with your team in a way that’s right for them, we can deliver strong, sustainable change.

Your people are all different, so it stands to reason they experience change differently. We’ll help you deliver change projects on time, budget and scope by anticipating and addressing barriers to change.

With our extensive experience delivering change programmes within complex organisations, we’ll get to the heart of your culture and improve enthusiasm, motivation and happiness across your team.

We get to know your people and honour the strengths of your existing culture, building on your proven success factors to open up your organisation to better communication and new ways of working.

Deep down, humans are hardwired to share. But our culture often rewards individuals for the information they know – not the information they share. With a few simple nudges, we can influence behaviour, reset these norms and unlock real collaboration in your team.

Seeing is believing. Our culture + behaviours expertise is rooted in science to deliver the strongest return on investment for your organisation. You’ll get baseline data and progress tracking to demonstrate the impact on your people.

Small changes with a big impact

Defence digital colleagues working together with a strong sense of purpose

We worked with the Head of End User services at MOD Defence Digital to reduce siloed working and build a stronger sense of community within the team.

We delivered a series of micro-changes to create lasting improvements in performance, efficiency and happiness.

Read our case study

Culture led by the science of change

We’ll work as one team to help you understand nudges, triggers and barriers to change.

By tapping into the opportunities for positive influence and diluting the impact of negative behaviour, we’ll create a fertile space for new ideas and managed change.

Our work is based on good practices in change management and grounded in evolutionary psychology. Every programme is unique, designed for your people to deliver meaningful change.

Three women working together to review a document
A team gather around a table to discuss change strategy

Your culture + behaviour specialists

Our culture + behaviours team are experts in human behaviour. With a background in neuroscience, psychology, and sociology, they have extensive experience and expertise in creating deep-rooted organisational change.

We also deliver the tactical elements of a change programme through our strategy + change workstreams. These include planning, project management, training, communications, creative design, policy development, compliance support, and information management.

Culture underpins successful change. At Inform, our areas of expertise come together to deliver powerful transformation that puts people first.

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