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M365 maturity assessment

Your action plan to maximise Microsoft 365 adoption

To see the benefits from your Microsoft 365 investment, you need to move beyond technology adoption and reach digital maturity.

Our Microsoft 365 maturity assessment gives you a clear view of how your people are using Microsoft applications, along with personal, practical recommendations to do more with M365.

This data-driven approach tells you exactly where you are in your Microsoft 365 adoption journey. We’ll show you how you can improve collaboration, reduce risk, and unlock greater productivity across your organisation.

Sample slides from a digital maturity assessment report

Your data-driven maturity check

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Uncover your data
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Uncover your Microsoft 365 data

We start the assessment by pulling your Microsoft 365 usage metrics. This can be done manually, or through Quantum 365 - a powerful analysis tool from our strategic partners at Bytes. We'll also talk to your key stakeholders to understand your strategy and goals.

True adoption story
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See the true story of your people and Microsoft 365

You've delivered the training, rolled out the software, and spread the word about SharePoint... but what if your people are still saving their files to desktop? We take the guesswork out of user adoption and give you the facts so that you can act.

Roadmap to digital maturity
Our digital maturity model includes four key phases: adopt, optimise, empower and exploit.

Get your roadmap to digital maturity

We'll benchmark your M365 statistics against our unique digital maturity model. Whether you've recently adopted Microsoft 365 or are ready to exploit the full collaborative power of your software, this four-stage maturity model gives you clarity on the improvements ahead.

Report and recommendations
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Your report and recommendations

We'll walk you through our findings with a visually engaging slide deck that you can use again in board packs and business cases. We'll help you identify what to improve and use our change management expertise to give you actionable recommendations on how to do it.

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Turn your strategy into action

Follow the recommendations in your digital maturity assessment report, and watch as you unlock the true potential of Microsoft 365. We can even help you implement your strategy, with our team of experts in digital transformation, change communications and M365 training.

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Get results from your technology investment

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Get data-driven insight

Understand how your people use (or underuse) Microsoft 365 applications at work.

Embrace better ways of working

Our maturity assessment gives you targeted actions to boost productivity and help your people do more with less.

Unlock digital maturity

Exploit the full power of your technology to help everyone achieve more.

Achieve your goals with our strategy + change expertise

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Align your policies and governance

Governance and information management are often overlooked when new technology appears. Our assurance service helps you review, update and develop key policies to keep your processes aligned and your data secure.

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Build a collaborative culture

New technology can be met with excitement, derision, or fear. Our culture + behaviours specialists help you put people first and build an open, collaborative culture to face the future of work.

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Start planning for AI

AI in the workplace has the potential to unlock both explosive productivity and unprecedented risk. Our AI planning workshop guides you through the current AI landscape, exploring the impact on your technology, policies, people and culture.

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