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Viva Engage adoption strategy

Yammer has evolved into Viva Engage

Yammer has been retired. In 2023, Microsoft relaunched their enterprise social networking tool as Viva Engage.

A fresh brand comes with new opportunities to connect colleagues and breathe new life into your internal communications.

Whether Yammer was a cornerstone of your employee engagement strategy, or a digital ghost town – our strategy + change expertise can help you smooth the transition and create a thriving community with Viva Engage.

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Build a connected workforce with Viva Engage

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Engage everyone from anywhere

Employee engagement, communication and collaboration are more important than ever. With Viva Engage, you can deliver data-driven comms campaigns, create visible leadership and nurture cross-team connection from any location.

Create a dedicated social space

Channel sprawl and excess notifications can sink productivity in Microsoft Teams. Viva Engage sits within Teams as a one-stop social hub. Create custom communities, control notifications, and build a home for social with Viva.

Boost employee satisfaction

Employees with thriving relationships with co-workers outside of their immediate team are more fulfilled and have a better outlook on work stress than those with weaker networks. *

A Viva Engage adoption strategy tailored to you

We use our trademarked 4E’s change management methodology to deliver a plan that’s built around your people.

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Establish: create your plan

We'll perform a discovery to establish your history with Yammer and your goals for Viva Engage. We'll map your existing networks and chat with key stakeholders to build your personalised Viva adoption strategy.

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Excite: get your people on board

Based on the findings of the Establish phase, we'll work alongside your internal communications team to boost their capacity. We'll build a compelling campaign to get your people excited and prepared for Viva Engage.

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Equip: skills for success

We'll support you to build skills and confidence around Viva Engage. From online training resources to onboarding packs for new joiners, our Learning + Skills specialists can smooth the transition and help you get long term value from Microsoft Viva.

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Embed: get long-term results from Viva Engage

We'll share our recommendations to help you firmly embed Viva Engage into your organisation's way of working. We'll cover everything from community maintenance, engaging digital champions, and a wider exploration of the Microsoft Viva suite.

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Bring your people together with our areas of expertise

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Embrace new ways of working

New technologies and ways of working need change expertise to make them stick. At Inform, our experienced Change Managers will work with you to develop a digital change strategy that puts your people first.

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Create engaging communications

Our in-house team of campaigns + content experts can plan and execute a powerful change communications strategy for you. We combine targeted messaging with great design to create memorable campaigns that resonate.

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Build a collaborative culture

Workplace culture can be your strongest asset or your biggest risk. It all depends on how you nurture it. Our culture + behaviours specialists help you build an open, collaborative culture where your people will thrive.

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