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Change management webinars

Live and on-demand webinars for technology change

Ready to kick start your digital transformation? Our technology and change management webinars are for like-minded leaders looking for inspiration, advice, and practical tips on making change stick.

The Inform Team are specialists in people and digital change. From AI to Microsoft 365, culture to creativity, digital skills and technology adoption, our change management webinar series is the place for good ideas.

Book your place on an upcoming session, or browse our archive of previous change management webinars below.

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Webinars on demand

Catch up on previous sessions in our webinar series

Mastering Microsoft Copilot through powerful prompts

Guests: Charles Burkinshaw, Natasha Bradley

Let us show you some of the most powerful prompts to make the most out of Copilot.

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What can Microsoft Copilot do and how does it drive efficiencies?

Guests: Mark Thompson, Natasha Bradley

Microsoft 365 Copilot is designed to elevate your productivity to the next level. Discover how this powerful tool can transform your day, simplify complex processes, and unlock potential in ways you never imagined.

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Change management webinars

Case studies unpacked: Bury Council

Guests: Natasha Bradley, Geoff Williams, Eleanor Ferris

Under the banner of the “Let’s Do It!” strategy, this ambitious project focused on leveraging Microsoft 365 to boost efficiency and smarter working practices.

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Efficiency at its finest: Boosting innovation within your organisation

Guests: Mark Thompson, Natasha Bradley

Let us show you how we saved our government client £400,000 over 11 months by driving efficiencies and utilising their M365 investment.

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Case Studies Unpacked: NHS Derby and Derbyshire

Guests: Natasha Bradley, Eleanor Ferris and Geoff Williams 

Join Natasha Bradley, Eleanor Ferris and Geoff Williams as they take a deep dive into the NHS Derby and Derbyshire case study.

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Inform's change strategists at work

Digital change in the workplace with Lisa Woodall

Guests: Michele Payne, Lisa Woodall

Join Change Manager, Michele Payne and Lisa Woodall, Former Chief Enterprise Architect at Ordnance Survey (OS) as they explore the secrets to successful digital change.

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A female leader chairs a meeting

Leadership and self-empowerment: International Women’s Day panel

Guests: Kirsty Brown, Jodie Evans, Emma Henry, Gini Holden, Samantha Kinstrey

Join our panel as we discuss leadership, equality and empowerment from the perspectives of workplace culture, digital skills, and technology.

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A man leading an agile meeting

Leadership in agile environments

Guests: Sara Sharkey, Natasha Bradley

Agile leadership strives to remove roadblocks to success so employees are more effective and productive. Drive better business outcomes with less wasted time and resources.

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A team gather around a hybrid meeting

Hybrid working: top 5 tips for creating a hybrid culture

Guests: Gini Holden, Natasha Bradley

Whether your people are in the office or at home, tools, policies, and processes just aren’t enough. In the hybrid workplace, you need a culture that drives your people to stay healthy, happy, productive – and aligned with your organisation’s goals.

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A woman presents in a meeting from home

Employee engagement: Top tips for effective hybrid working

Guests: Mark Thompson, Natasha Bradley

You now have people in the office and at home. So how do you support your people to feel connected and experience those water cooler moments?  Join Natasha and Mark as they explore tools and techniques to create connection from anywhere.

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employees gather for an announcement

The importance of business change when deploying technology

Guests: Gini Holden, Natasha Bradley

Digital adoption is only 20% about technology. The other 80% is people and processes. So why do so many organisations miss out the importance of delivering business change? Join Natasha and Gini as they look at the people side of change.

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Microsoft Teams on a mobile screen

Introducing governance to Microsoft Teams

Guests: Malcolm Bullock, Natasha Bradley

Microsoft Teams has become the foundation of many businesses’ communication frameworks but can easily become chaotic without the right governance policies. In this session, we explain how to contain sprawl, secure data and ensure efficiency.

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Senior leader looking confused at their desk

What are the challenges of digital and IT transformation?

Guests: David Lynam, Natasha Bradley

Home working is now widespread, and customers more likely to engage digitally. It’s brought digitalisation from hype to the new normal. If organisations are to survive and prosper, they need to unlock future value through digital technology.

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Digital skills webinars

Doing more with less: Training and upskilling for the Ministry of Defence

Guest: Samantha Kinstrey and Carolyn Hill

Join us as we celebrate our fifth year of delivering transformative training solutions within the Ministry of Defence (MOD). We’ll cover MOD’s journey with Microsoft 365 and our role in developing The Learning Hub.

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A man sits at a laptop watching a webinar

Digitalising processes with Microsoft 365

Guest: Geoff Williams

Join Geoff, our expert Microsoft 365 Lead, as he explores quick tips for saving time on manual processes. From Quick Parts to Power Automate, Microsoft 365 can help you streamline your processes and work smarter.

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Two colleagues happily chatting

The digital skills gap: does culture matter?

Guests: Rebecca Dorsett, Gini Holden

What role does culture play in narrowing the digital skills gap? Culture and behaviour expert Gini Holden joins Rebecca Dorsett from the Ministry of Defence to explore why culture is the key to honing digital skills.

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Various Microsoft Viva app logos

Thriving with Microsoft Viva

Guests: Sara Fennah

During this webinar, our M365 training consultant is joined by Microsoft MVP, Sara Fennah to demystify the Microsoft Viva suite. Together, they explore how Microsoft Viva tools can boost wellbeing, productivity and collaboration across teams.

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An example of a digital champions presentation pack

Delivering a digital champions programme

Guests: Sam McVaigh, Geoff Williams, Natasha Bradley

An effective digital champions programme can boost adoption of Microsoft 365 across your organisation. Join Bury Council as they share insight into their journey through a successful champions programme.

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A woman reflecting on wellbeing at work

Wellbeing at work: Is technology friend or foe?

Guests: Alex Cunningham, Mark Thompson, Natasha Bradley

Wellbeing is no longer just about doing the right thing. It can make a difference to an organisation’s bottom line. In this webinar, we explore how to effectively invest in the wellbeing of your team.

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AI and Copilot webinars

Woman with grey hair smiling while sitting at table

Leadership with AI: Strategies for modern leaders

Guests: David Lynam, Erica Jeffries, Natasha Bradley

Effective leadership and AI meet to steer organisations towards growth. In this session, our expert guests explore what AI means for leadership, and how leaders can weave AI into their future strategy.

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A desktop PC screen showing the Copilot logo

Unlocking the future with Microsoft 365 Copilot

Guests: Kirsty Brown, Mark Thompson

Are you ready to embrace the power of AI in your workplace? In this session, expert trainers Mark and Kirsty guide us through the flagship AI offering from Microsoft: M365 Copilot.

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